5 Easy Tricks shared by people on the Internet that reshaped their bodies

5 Easy Tricks that helped people to lose their weight during lockdown: You can try it too!

Our generation is obsessed with ‘Fitness’. We all want to look good and be in shape but the problem is – We often fail to get the Fitness tricks right. Cutting on sugar or not eating ghee will not help you to shed weight. To achieve your fitness goal, you need to get your basics right.


Let us admit, we all can not hit the gym everyday and hiring a personal trainer isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In that case, how to achieve your fitness goal? Well, fitness is a journey and it could be different for different people.  Starting your journey with the easiest options available works for all.  While surfing the internet, we stumbled upon an article on Tweak India, where Tweak readers have shared their weight loss stories during the lockdown. Honestly, it left us impressed.

In this article, we have picked 5 tricks from the stories that can work for all.  Let’s take a look:

1.Walk , Walk, and Walk : A 30 –minute walk can burn 200 calories, keeps blood pressure in check and reduces the risk of stroke. Should we give you more reasons to take this up as a ritual? A lot of people developed the habit of walking during the lockdown and they were amazed with the results.

(30 minutes everyday)

2.Hydration Hai na ? : Everyone keeps telling this, right? But have you ever taken this seriously? Drinking enough water should be on your to-do – list. You can use several apps such as Water Tracker & Reminder, Hydro or H2O, you can download the apps that work best for you. Notably, the brain cannot differentiate between hunger and thirst, so when you are craving for a snack, drink water.  Try to replace your regular tea with herbal options for even with ginger tea.

3. Processed Sugar is a Big No: Honestly, cutting down sugar completely is not a child’s play.  Sugar is an addiction and it takes a lot of effort to give it up completely. You can take a baby steps everyday. Replace your regular sugar with jaggery or dark chocolate.  Note: Initially, you will feel tired and irritated. Processed sugar can be replaced by natural sugars like dates, berries and raisins.

(Replace the processed sugar)

4. Nights should be light: Not in that way( *winks*).  Obviously, we are talking in terms of food. Heavy dinner can lead to bloating and acidity. The heavier meal should be taken prior to the most active times of your day & the lightest meal of the day should be when you are least active. A lot of people sleep after having dinner so dinner should always be light.

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5.  Last but not least, ( The secret recipe) Honey, Lemon and Ginger paste = Magic : Boil ginger paste in water and add honey and lemon to it. Drink this every day in the morning. It will keep your acidity and bloating issue at bay and will help you to shed weight. A lot of people have used it and have witnessed some astounding results.

(Say yes to Fitness)


Food is like a fuel which should energise your body. Having the right meal is the key to achieve your fitness goal. There are a few other things that you can do such as: Break up with Junk Food, having lighter meals in the night, and most important being consistent while doing physical exercise. When we say physical exercise – It doesn’t mean fancy equipment and workout session. A 30-minute walk every day or taking the staircase instead of the lift. One step at a time and it will make a huge difference to your life.

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