5 Easy (and Free) Ways to Make Men Smile—Guaranteed


Are you losing love and warmth in your relationship?  Handling men is not difficult; all you need is a little knowledge about his likes and dislikes.

Men are like coconut hard from outside and soft at heart. You need to know their soft points and be sure to make a mark in their softest corner.


Top 5 Tips to Make Men Smile:


smiling men

Try these five romance enhancers that are patented to the core.


1.Touch His Arm:

Make your presence noticed by gently touching his arm while maintaining eye contact. Play with his hair and smile softly. Your touch will do wonders and will have a great impact on your man.


2.Send a Random Message:

The second best tip is to make a random message during the day.. This will break the day’s monotony in a beautiful way. Send a flirtatious note to lighten the atmosphere. This will send him daydreaming about you till he meets you.


3. Ask Something He Knows a Lot:

To boost his ego, ask about things you know, he is well versed with.
You should make him feel like a connoisseur.
Believe it, he will be highly interested in talking to you and will be like the idea of impressing you with his knowledge.


4.Give Specific Compliments!

Be different and give specific compliments such as, “You have the sexiest calves I’ve ever seen “or “I love the way your face scrunches up when you’re doing the crossword puzzle.”

Meaningful compliments can do wonders as they instill a sense of confidence and appreciation.


5.Send Him the Diary Note:

Pen down your experiences after your date and send it across to him. This will reveal how valuable your date is. Your man is important to you and you should make it clear to him in every way possible.

Remember these easy and simple ways to make him feel special and add value to your relationship.

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