Top 5 DIY Summer Detox Drinks for Cleansing and Weight Loss

5 DIY Summer Detox Drinks for Cleansing & Weight Loss

The weather is changing and it’s almost summers. This is the season when our body requires extra attention.  According to health experts, Summers are an ideal time to shed weight and detoxify your body. Also, during the summer season, there are a lot of options available to prepare detox drinks. These drinks will not only help you to shed weight but will also keep you hydrated. If you are looking forward to burning some fat, you can start adding detox drinks to your diet. Here, we bring to you the top 5 DIY Summer Detox drinks for cleansing and weight loss.

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What is Detox?

Before we take a look at drinks that you can prepare. Let us understand what detox really means? It is a process through which our body gets rid of waste. If the waste in our body builds up, then we will fall sick.  These drinks can enhance our body’s capacity to get rid of waste. To simply put, it is important to prevent waste from building up in our body and detox drinks can help to keep body toxins at bay.

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Summer Detox Drinks
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1. Lemon and Cucumber Detox Drink

Cucumber is a low –calorie food with high water content. It is one of the most common and easy to prepare a detox drink.  Low-calorie food helps in weight loss and keeps you hydrated throughout the day.  All you need is – Cucumber, Mint leaves, lemon and a pinch of salt. Add water into the jar and drink it throughout the day.

Summer Detox Drinks
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2. Orange and Carrot Juice – We bet you will love it!

You will love it.  This DIY detox drink will not only help you to shed off extra fat but will also rejuvenate your taste buds. Slice the carrot and peel off the orange. Chop and toss them into a food processor. Add some coriander leaves and tablespoon honey. Your drink is ready!

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3.Beetroot and Mint Juice

Do you really want reasons to include beetroot in your diet? Be it in a salad or in juice, regular intake of beetroot will make you glow inside- out. Chop beetroot put into the blender and add some mint leaves. Drink it fresh. Beetroot is a great cleanser of your liver. Drink it regularly to reap the best results.

Summer Detox Drinks
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4. Buttermilk- Mint – Carrots

Buttermilk should be your best friend during the summer season.  It keeps you hydrated and energized throughout the day. It can do wonders for your health if you make it a detox drink. Here is how you can do it –  Pour buttermilk into a jar, add roughly chopped mint leaves, add thinly sliced carrots to the drink.  Well, it is almost ready but before you serve it – add roasted cumin seed powder. It is a great detox drink, it also promotes better digestion.

Summer Detox Drinks
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(Do not forget to add lemon)

5. Green Tea and Lemon

People who regularly consume Green Tea know its health benefits. If you want to lose weight, then you can add lemon juice to Green Tea. Drink it when it is still hot.  Consuming it for a long time will help you achieve your desired shape. But you are requested in physical activities too.

When is the right to drink your detox drink?

This detox drink should not replace your meal. You can add them to your lifestyle by consuming them in the morning before you start your day. Buttermilk can be consumed between your meals. They can boost your metabolism and will keep you hydrated the entire day. You can carry these drinks to the workplace, especially, cucumber and mint ones. You can consume it the entire day. During the summer season, it will come in really handy.

Important Tip: Before you start your detoxification process, it is important to understand detox is not just about weight loss.  It means getting rid of waste generated in our body which can make us sick. If you are looking for weight loss, do not forget to workout every day for the best results.

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