5 cute things every girl wants in a relationship

Blame the romantic Bollywood movies or the romantic novels but we girls do believe in love stories that are full romantic gestures, perfect little moments and happy endings!

We girls might not show it but deep inside we desperately want the guys do the little cute gestures for us.

So here is a list of 5 cute things that every girl secretly wants her guy to do in a relationship:

1.Gift her a little piece of jewelry

Jewellery does not always mean a ring but a little pendant would also do as that would be a reminder of your existence in her life which she can keep with herself forever.

2. Give her a cute nickname

It would be very adorable of you to give her a cute nickname which would just stay between the two of you.

3. Good morning and good night texts

You boys got to send sweet good morning and good night texts as the day gets even better for us when it starts from your cute message. It tells us that you are thinking about them all day long as we think about you.

4. Cook meals together

We can always have food outside or maybe order in but the men who cook seems irresistibly sexy to the girls so guys it’s time to try cooking with your partner atleast once!

5. Lots and lots of cuddling!

YES! We girls might not say it but guys we absolutely love it when you try to spoil us with your naughty tricks. Infact cuddling is our favourite part of the day and we can never get enough of all the pampering and the cuddling like ever!

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