5 convincing reasons to stop biting nails immediately!

Don’t bite your nails, here is why?

Biting nails is one of the severe problems not only among children but in adults too. Nail Biting is one of those habits that everyone is ashamed of.

Here, are following reasons why you should stop biting your nails immediately:

1) Nail varnish contains poisonous formaldehyde.

Nails varnish contains poisonous formal dehyde that can actually harm your heath. So, immediately stop biting your nails.

2) You can seriously damage your teeth and gums.

According to the Journal chomping away at your nails can cause chips, fractures, offset jaws and tooth loss. There have also been reported cases of fragments of fingernail becoming embedded out of sight inside gums, leaving patients open to a whole host of infection and discomfort.

You should stop biting nails
You should stop biting nails

3) Your nails may not grow back.

Girls this is a major problem for you. Nails are a privilege not a right, apparently. Excessive biting can shorten the nail to a point of no return. You do have to significantly chomp away into the nail bed for this to occur, but why take the risk?

4) You may cause infections in your fingers.

Draining infections from around the nail bed is a painful experience and often acute paronychia results from, you guessed it, nail biting. The NHS advises that failure to treat the issue in its infancy can lead to chronic suffering, and repeated build ups of pus and inflammation to fingers.

5) The germs can cause oral STDs.

Of all the ways to get an STD acquiring it without actually having sex is depressing. Not that you had want one at all, but getting herpes as a result of trimming your nails the old fashioned way is needless. Granted this is an extreme consequence, not experienced by everyone, but it has been documented.

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