5 Budget friendly food items you should include in your diet

These budget friendly food items will change your life if they come in your habit

Not everyone has time and energy to work out every day to stay healthy. We are often tired after coming home after the office or college and don’t want to cook.  Don’t worry because we are here with some amazing tips which will make you go Hurrah! These budget friendly food items will not put a big dent in your pocket but it will definitely put a dent on your slow metabolism.

We are going to name budget friendly food items which are easy to prepare.

Budget friendly food items
Egg- Whites

1. Boiled Eggs

Add boiled eggs in your diet and your belly will feel full whole day. Try to avoid the yolk and eat egg- whites if you don’t want to increase carbohydrates in your body. Egg-whites will provide protein and amino acids which increase muscles in your body. Eat 4 to 6 egg whites in the morning and trust me you will see a change in your body after a while.

Budget friendly food items

2. Sprouts

Buy whole Green Lentils (Moong) and (Chickpeas) Black Chana from the market and keep it in water overnight. You will see the new plants germinating from the Moong and Chana which will indicate that it is ready to be eaten. Mix it with chopped onions, tomato and Chat Masala to add taste in it. This will be a good item for budget friendly food items.

Budget friendly food items

3. Banana

Make Banana your first meal of the day. It has important nutrients which moderate blood sugar levels. This not only helps in weight loss but also improve digestive health with powerful antioxidants.

Budget friendly food items
Cucumber Tomato Salad

4. Salads

We are not asking you to eat exotic salads like Russian Salad or Caeser Salad. We are simply asking you to chop tomato, carrot and cucumber and use it as a supplement in every meal which will provide essentials fibres to your body.

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Budget friendly food items

5. Dry Fruit

I will not suggest you to eat Dates because it doesn’t taste good but if you are really want to stay healthy and can compromise a bit with taste then go for it. This is high in fibre and nutrition. Keep eating Almonds and peanuts during your working hours, Of course, don’t overeat this.

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