5 Body Positivity Bloggers on Instagram that are breaking the stereotypes around the right shape

Check out the bloggers who are creating content on body positivity

We all have heard of those people, who mock you, catcall you, and bully you on the basis of your shape and size. We know, that in answer to them, you didn’t prefer to react to their judgments but deep inside, their comments might have affected your mental well-being. The societal stereotypes around the right and perfect shape are strongly ingrained that people often tend to pass judgments around the body image. Where the fact is that there is nobody which can be stated as more beautiful than the other. There are so many people who often even sugar coat their desires of finding the other person in a slim and toned body with the health concerns around it, honestly, there can be health concerns but the idea of a fit body should not be mixed with the image of a so-called ‘beautiful body’. But here are a few bloggers who are finding out ways to spread body positivity through their Instagram feed. Check them out.


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5 Body Positivity Bloggers on Instagram


Bhavya Arora (thechubbygirlnextdoor)

A woman who believes that size doesn’t define her worth and finds her happiness in being what she is. You may find them here on Instagram as @thechubbygirlnextdoor and her profile will actually add a lot to your perspective of body image. She is certainly a plus-size blogger, and Maven Ms. Plus Size 2019 Finalist. From ethnic to western, she puts some really amazing plus size fashion guides. Have a look.


Neha Parulkar

A girl who calls herself, plus and proud, is a plus-size fashion influencer, who is very vocal about body positivity. She has been a TEDx speaker. Honestly, you will find her style to be one of a kind and will simply be in love with her dressing sense. For trendy plus size fashion, you ought to check out Neha and then thanks us later.


Dimple Mehta

She says, “Love yourself and own your body. Watch them change one by one.”  Well, of course, change is a gradual process and is well put in words by Dimple. In her recent post, she said, “The internet has been so much kinder to me than people in real life. I’ve been called various animal names but this one incident has stayed with me and my heart hurts for the old Dimple because for the longest time she blushed at being called “baby” by a guy until she found out in front of all her friends that it was short for “Baby Elephant”. Nothing today affects me as much. But calling anyone with names they’re not okay with is not cool. Popping that out of my system” and coupled this caption with a video bursting the balloon calling her “Baby Elephant”. An unabashed reply to the people who judge on the basis of size and shape.


Diksha Singhi, @alwaysalittleextra

Among one of our very favorites is Diksha as along with her pictures, her captions are so very worthy of reading.

Her very recent video talks about the body image issues that she happen to face during her schooling and which happened to stay with her for more than long. She talked about how it becomes traumatizing for a person when they get called out because of being oversized.


Neelakshi (plumptopretty)

And this blogger is just too pretty that you can’t afford to not check her out. Among the people on social media who are all about the perfect skin and absolute hairstyle, Neelakshi is a gem who is believing to embrace her curves. She just embraces herself, just as the way she is and that is what we love about her.

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