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5 Bizarre Indian Startups Which are Enough to inspire you for your Startup

Indian Startup that can be an inspiration for your bizarre startup idea

Startups are one of the most beautiful cultures that we have probably adopted from the west. Identifying the creative geek in yourself turning into an entrepreneur and starting up with an idea that is yours altogether. Knowing and channelizing your creativity in a full-fledged business model, that is unique, creative, and channelizing ways for something never thought of before and is ever bizarre. But yes, there always remains some uncertainty about will the startup be successful, and if this is your concern too, regarding that bizarre startup idea that you have in your mind, then you are at the place. Here is a list of some bizarre Indian startups that can provide you with the much-needed inspiration and motivation for your startup idea.


Boriya Bistar

This lively start-up has you covered if you are heading to a new location and need anything from a mattress to a beanbag. For the first time, Boriya Bistar is a one-stop-online shop targeted at younger folks commuting to a new location, where people can order the bare necessities to build a home. This creative start-up in Bengaluru intends to take care of all your needs without letting you deal with them. We personally loved their idea and surely, it is bizarre but very thoughtful of the makers of Boriya Bistar to think about what people struggle with while they relocate.


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Founded by Narayana Peesapathy, Bakeys Foods Private Ltd. is one such startup that is extremely unique and honestly, never thought about. If you felt your bakery company was a bit out-of-the-box for you. This zany start-up, located in Hyderabad, designs cutlery that can be eaten. Good foods such as millet, barley, and rice are used to make this edible cutlery, making it a better substitute for cheap plastic and wood cutlery.


Online Prasad

For the ones who don’t wanna step out, or can’t step out, this startup idea is really can excite you. India is a land where people have really strong religious believes and there is a lot of significance of ‘prasad’. This startup realizes this importance and hence, is providing home delivery of prasad and the spiritual products, along with providing travel and accommodation services. This is precisely a perfect idea for a startup, and it truly understands the religious beliefs of its audience.



Have you ever thought of how your funeral should be? Well, I have come across a few elderly, who really have certain desires of how their funeral should look like. And while they won’t be there at their funeral, this startup will be there to ensure that their funeral looks just the way they wanted. And yes, with your loved ones, they will help you have just the kind of funeral you wanted. The startup is based in Ahmedabad and is so very thoughtful.


Join My Wedding

If you have the capacity to pay, you can crash in legally, in any of the big fat weddings of the country, this is what is the idea behind the startup, ‘Join My Wedding’. Well, I wondered why would people wanna do that but eventually, who wouldn’t want to see a big fat Indian wedding, will all the traditions and cultures, especially when we know, weddings in India are just more than beautiful. The startup essentially targets the foreigners who cherish cultures and traditions and love to explore more.

Well, these are the five startup ideas that we believe can be an inspiration and motivation for you and your startup idea. Tell us about more such ideas in the comments.


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