5 answers you wish you could give to ‘Rishta Meeting Questions’

Arrange marriages are not wrong but that questions asked in the Rishta meetings by the boy side totally are. The girl is expected to stay polite, answer accordingly and not give her true opinions on those questions, but what if we did? Let’s see!

1. “Kadhai, bunai, silaai aati hai?”

I know how to do online shopping, chalega?

2. “Hobby kya kya hain tumhari?”

Well usually I sit at home all day long and watch TV and stuff myself with junk food. Other than that I chill with my friends. Basically I’ll keep you guys entertained with my hobbies, folks.


Aunty watching the girl’s face

3. “Ghar ke kaam pasand hain, na?”

If you really think that washing dishes and clothes everyday for the rest of my life is something that I will like then I am sorry you are absolutely wrong!

4. “Toh, khaane me kya-kya bana leti ho?”

Masala maggi, vegetable maggi, egg maggi, cheese maggi, coffee,tea, black tea, milk tea… I won’t let you go to sleep hungry, okay?

5. “Acha yeh job shaadi ke baad nahi karogi na?”

You basically want me to leave my job and become the official head and manage all the maids in the house? Thanks, but no thanks.

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