5 amazing facts about Dariyaganj, a Sunday book market in old Delhi

Dariyaganj, a Sunday book market in old Delhi: Here is all you need to know

Hey! Bibliophiles. So this one is mainly for you. Dariyaganj is a place where one can get a variety of books at a very low cost. The market is only set up on Sundays. You have to get there by 9-9:30 in the morning to get the best out of it. The shopkeepers prefer to display the good ones first. However, the market remains open till 7 pm. So, this is the time to make your Sunday happening and productive at the same time. Here are the 5 amazing facts about Dariyaganj.

things you need to know about Daryaganj

1.Unique Market

Dariyaganj is very distinct in its own way as you will not get big stores with books on display on glass cases and helpful attendants who will look for the book you want. There will be heaps of books lying on the floor with the price cards. You have to struggle and find the one you need.


This is not a place where you will get your favorite collection within an hour. As one has to go for vigorous browsing of books and genres, it becomes a bit exhausting and time-consuming. In fact, even the sellers won’t help you finding your books as most of them know nothing about the books they display.


3.Variety of Books

The markets serve your variety of needs. Not only novels, fictional and non-fictional but it also provides for the books related to various government exams such as UPSC, SSC, banking, CAT etc. The prices of the books rage between Rs.10 to Rs.150.


Bargaining goes without saying in Dariyaganj. So you must spend wisely. However, there are some shopkeepers who sell on fixed rates.

5.Spread in an area of 1km

The books cover the floors up to 1km from both the sides of the metro station. It can take you hours (4-5hr) to complete the full length and go through each and every book.

How to reach: Metro route?

Dariyaganj is in Old Delhi. You can take a metro from yellow line and interchange for the violet line from Central Secretariat which will take you to the nearest metro station of Dariyaganj, India gate. Take gate no. 3 for exit and then go for it! You would be able to see the heaps of books as the elevator would rise towards the exit gate. The market stretches to both the sides of the station.


If you haven’t explored it yet, just give it a try this weekend. Carry a water bottle and umbrella with you to prevent the scorching heat these days. However, don’t worry, the excitement will overcome all your exhaustion.

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