5 actresses from Bollywood who respect Indian culture and tradition

How Bollywood Divas are still connected to Indian culture and tradition?

Not long ago, the pictures of actress Yami Gautam’s wedding went viral, many people liked her Pahari style very much. Yami had a very simple wedding. Everyone became a witness to their culture. Meanwhile, people came to notice how an Indian bride, especially a celebrity, performed her every ritual and tradition well during her marriage. Just like every common woman dreams of getting married, connecting with her culture, so did our Bollywood actresses. Reflecting elements of their cultural heritage, these brides are a testimony to the diversity of India, irrespective of region or religion. There are many such actresses belonging to the dazzling and glamour world of Bollywood, who beautifully performed every tradition and ritual in their marriage. So let’s take a look at some of the actresses who put their culture at the fore.

1. Yami Gautam: A few days back, actress Yami Gautam had secretly married director, Aditya Dhar. She gave the news of her marriage to her fans through her Instagram handle. Ever since the pictures of Yami’s wedding have gone viral on social media, since then her simple wedding and Pahari culture is getting applause. Yami has worn the Pahari Nath in the wedding rituals and not only she, her mother, and sister also wore the Nath. Nath holds a lot of importance in Pahari culture and by wearing it at her wedding she showed how much she is attached to her culture, her roots.

2. Bipasha Basu: Bipasha Basu not only wore Shankh Pola bangles but also got married with full rituals. Bipasha has been a heroine who is known for her bold and glamorous avatar. But in her marriage, she had shown how attached she is to her roots by marrying with full customs. Bipasha did exactly the same makeup as a Bengali bride. She wore a white crown made of traditional shola, which is taken from Indian cork trees. White bangles made of a conch shell, or shankha and red Pola bangles were worn.

3. Shilpa Shetty Kundra: She is Tulu and shows her Mangalorean roots from time to time. When she tied the knot with Punjabi businessman Raj Kundra, she became a beautiful Mangalore bride. She wore a Matha Patti and a mang tika-like jewelry, called Mangalorean Mandel. Known for her fit body, Shilpa stunned everyone with her bridal look. Not only this, there was a lot of discussion about her bridal sari.

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4. Soha Ali Khan: The paija or chandelier worn by actress Soha Ali Khan during her wedding holds great significance in the Muslim community. The waning of the moon is said to be synonymous with human emotions, which are controlled by the left side of the brain. This is the reason why this chandelier symbolizing the crescent moon is worn on the left side of the bride’s forehead. That’s why every bride of the Muslim community wears it. Similarly, the daughter of the Pataudi family wore it while introducing her culture.

5. Genelia D’Souza: Actresses Genelia D’Souza and Riteish Deshmukh are one of the most loved couples of Bollywood. While Genelia hails from a Christian family, Ritesh belongs to a Marathi family. When both of them got married, the rituals of both families were performed well. When married in the Marathi manner, Genelia also accompanied Ritesh to the mundavalya, which every Marathi couple wears. Genelia not only adopted Marathi culture after marriage but she also learned Marathi. She kept her traditions ahead and showed how much she is attached to her culture.

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