43 McDonald’s Outlets shut Down in Delhi, leaving 1700 people unemployed

MC Donald’s
MC Donald’s

1700 people lose jobs as 43 MC Donald’s outlets shut down in Delhi!

We all have grown up eating burgers and French fries from one and only McDonalds. It is the best place to hang out with your gang. Burgers always bring smile on our face no matter in what situation we are stuck. But the taste of Mc Donald’s will soon fade away from the palate of people residing in Delhi as the sudden shutting down of its 43 out 55 outlets in the state capital has come as a shock to all the Mc Donald’s lovers. Not only this, but the sudden closing down of operations of 43 MCD restaurants in Delhi will leave the 1700 employees stranded without job affecting their personal as well as the professional lives.

MC Donald’s
MC Donald’s

Reason behind this sudden decision

The news came as shock for everyone when the international fast-food giant, McDonald’s India Private Limited (MIPL) announced to discontinue the operations of its almost 80 % of the outlets across Delhi, which is under the 50:50 joint venture with the Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt Ltd (CPRL) on the grounds of prevalent unhygienic conditions and legal battle.

The major burger brand, McDonald’s was in the legal problem with the CPRL. Also, McD’s mandatory regulatory health licenses had expired at a lot of its outlets to keep their businesses rolling and the fast food chain couldn’t get the licenses renewed for further operations.

Unemployment hits Delhi!

Mc Donald’s will witness a great downfall in its business revenues this year after the shutdown of its 43 outlets as Delhi was the central market for the brand’s franchise in the northern region of India. Customers of the McDonald’s in Delhi will now have to either switch over to another brand or will have to travel to the remaining 12 McD restaurants in the city irrespective of the distance from their places.

Another major concern due to the closure of McDonald’s outlets is a large number of its employees who have turned jobless overnight. Notably, CRPL is retaining the 1700 employees of the 43 McD restaurants that will be closed from today and will pay them the salaries for the time of their suspension.
This is indeed a tough decision which left lot of people stunned!

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