4 Types of extreme self-lover which one is you?

There are four types of extreme self- lover, take a look here

Are you a narcissist?

Well, it’s good to love yourself in order to boost your self-esteem, but loving yourself beyond the limit can sometimes become a cause of problem. When thinking of narcissism, we often have the mental image of someone who is boastful, arrogant and self-centred. Here are four types of extreme –self lover, take a look here. However, that is only a few of the symptoms that they display. There are lot of other symptoms too. Two most common types of narcissism are Cerebral and the Somatic.

Extreme Self –Lover
Extreme Self –Lover

1. Cerebral Narcissist

This is the first type of narcissism disorder. In this type of disorder narcissistic individual thinks they know everything. While they are indeed smarter than the average people in various topics, they see their knowledge as something that makes them superior to everyone else. They love to tell stories to others that paint out their brilliance, whether true or made up. These kind of people are quick to judge and point out the flaws of other people, specifically those people whom they consider inferior to them. They show off a lot.

2. Somatic Narcissist

This is the second type of disorder and in this people always focus on their beauty. These individuals are physically beautiful and will do anything to maintain that. They always try to bring best out of them. Somatic Narcissist can be often seen in the gym perfecting their body shapes. Somatic narcissists are extremely image conscious, feeding off from the reaction of everyone around them or their sexual prowess. Gyming is good but it should not cross the limits.

Here, are four common types of Narcissism:

1. Overt Narcissism

It is most common. An Overt Narcissist is loud, they are always right and the always need to be in control. Their mere presence is oppressive. This person will voice their opinion without even listening to others point of view because they think that know everything. They will not hide their expectations that everything must be done their way. They have large ego.

2. Covert Narcissism

It’s second most common. Covert Narcissist is a type of narcissist who will put on an image of kindness, but in reality they are just opposite of it. They are extremely manipulative and cruel, but only to the people they are in close proximity. These types of narcissist often hold a position of authority such as a religious leader, counsellor, teacher, politician or anyone that holds some type of power.

Loving yourself
Loving yourself

3. Seductive Narcissism

Its name is enough to give you information about narcissism. This type of narcissism is not just limited to sexual relationship. Seductive Narcissism are individuals who manipulates their victim into feeling good about themselves.

4. Vindictive Narcissism

The most dangerous out of all four are the Vindictive Narcissist. They share the same characteristics with the Overt Narcissist. But the main difference is that Vindictive Narcissist will go out of their way to destroy their victims. These are the type of narcissist who creates conflict through trash talking to family and friends.

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