4 stylish tricks to look slimmer in your jeans!

Jeans is that piece of garment that we girls usually wear in our daily routine.
What could be better than knowing tricks on how to look slim and tall in those pairs of jeans only that you own ? Nothing right? Let’s unveil these tricks in the following points :


How to look slimmer in jeans

1. Black on top to go with it!
Dark colours like black give slight of a slimming effect. So pair your jeans with a plain black top to give it the classy look. You might tuck in your top and wear a colourful scarf over it.

2. Crop top ? Win win!
Let’s follow the fashion wave and wear our denims with a crop top. Wear a loose crop top and not a fit one which sticks to the stomach cause obviously that’s what you’re to hide. Wear high waisted jeans with a crop top and get ready for people to just go wow!

3. Denim On Denim!
Wearing a denim shirt or top over your jeans will make it appear as if you are wearing a one piece and will automatically make you look thinner. The same fabric crates a vertical line and makes you look tall and slender.

4. Stretchable jeans!
Whether it is bell bottoms or skinny fit, any amount of elasticity will work in a positive way for your body. Elasticity smoothen out your curves and gives a desirable shape to the legs to make them look slim and tall.

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