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4 Stories of People helping for Covid relief despite their own sufferings

Overwhelming but Inspiring: 4 Stories of People helping for Covid relief despite their own sufferings

We wonder if there is anyone who has not been hit by COVID, especially the second wave of COVID. We wonder! While some have been directly affected because of being infected, many people have been facing difficulties for their livelihood and basic needs. The financial crisis has been mounting, health resources have been exhausting like they never existed and people are losing their loved ones quite often. And amid this crisis, finding stories of people helping for COVID relief, despite their own sufferings is yet another example of how humanity exists.

Stories of People helping for Covid relief

Rozy Saldanha, a Critically ill woman, with her husband, Pascal sell jewelry to donate oxygen to others

Stories of People helping for Covid relief
Image Source- Mid day

The story of Rozy Saldanha and her husband Pascal is heartwarming in every sense. Rozy Saldanha, who herself has been on oxygen support after a kidney failure, despite of her own suffering, she and her husband Pascal helped eight patients in need. This couple from Mumbai gave their own oxygen cylinder to a Covid patient and bought 8 more after selling their jewellery. They also donated two tonnes of pulses and grain since the pandemic began and are still helping people.

Rozy’s kidneys collapsed five years ago, and she has since been on dialysis, fallen into a coma four times, and suffered a brain hemorrhage. Her care and the establishment of medical infrastructure at home cost the family more than Rs 2 crore. “Rozy is susceptible to some illness, so I purchased an oxygen cylinder in case of an emergency during the pandemic,” Pascal told the Midday.

Two Gujarat doctors, hear their call for duty to return to work just a few hours after cremating their mothers.

Two Gujarat doctors, hear their call for duty to return to work just a few hours after cremating their mothers.
Image Source- India today

Death is one such incident that can really break a person from within, and especially when it is of someone as close as a mother. Two doctors in Gujarat, choose to be on their duty in hard times like these, right after a few hours of cremation of their mother. The country is dealing with a medical crisis situation already, and losing someone’s mother amid that can be really stressful. But these doctors had held onto themselves and joined their duty at the hospital right after cremating their mother

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The Son of a Vegetable Vendor Wants to Donate His Salary to COVID Patients

Doctor Snehil Mishra, Cardiologist, Hinduja Hospital Khar, a few days back shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp text of how the son of a vegetable vendor, who certainly is the patient of Dr. Snehil, saying that he can offer his salary to help any COVID patient. Present times are so that people are actually uncertain about the future and counting on saving as much money and resources as possible. In midst of that, the coming out of such kind hearts, offering help is much appreciated.

Thousands of people came forward to help covid patients by providing meals to their doorsteps

The fear for COVID is for everyone. And while it is not really just the fear, COVID has given reasons to people to quarantine themselves. But amid this situation, there are many patients who are home quarantined and are not even in a state to make the adequate food that they need. To support such people, there are hundreds of homes and organizations that volunteering to serve food to COVID patients.

In the end, COVID has made us all a bit more human. Finding traces of how people are helping each other get past this disaster in whichever possible way they can is just overwhelming. Kudos to these heroes who are doing their bit to help in this time and kudos to you for being the best version, following all the precautions, and helping out in every way possible. Just hold onto things, tight for now as this too shall pass.

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