4 Mistakes You Should Never Make While Wearing a Saree

Here are 4 mistakes you should never make while wearing a saree

• Heavy Jewellery
• Wearing Wrong footwear
• Not pinning it right
• A Mismatched Petticoat

A Saree is an attire that makes you look sexy as well as gorgeous in the most traditional manner. At the same time it gives you chance to flaunt your curves. There are various things that you need to take care of in order to look best in saree which is known to be a beautiful Indian attire. If you not wear it properly, the whole essence of dressing up in a saree may get spoiled. Drape saree perfectly and you can confidently flaunt your sexy figure. Draping saree in a wrong way can lead to a disaster.

Here are few things that you should avoid when you decide to wear a saree:

• Heavy Jewellery:

Heavy Jewellery

You do not have to wear all the jewellery you have. Saree is not a right outfit to flaunt your heavy jewellery. A saree looks graceful as it is, so do not wear over heavy jewellery even if you wearing a plane saree. Wearing jewellery according to the embellishment on your saree. If you wear heavy saree keep your jewels minimal and clean. It could be a necklace, earring or even a mathapatti. Or just wear a heavy jhumkas.

• Wearing Wrong footwear:

Avoid wearing slippers with saree it may spoil your look. You can wear heals or even flat sandals to grace your look.

• Not pinning it right:

While it doesn’t look good to over pin and make holes in your saree, using no pins might just cause a free fall. Definitely secure your pleats and pallu with the help of the pin to keep them in a place.

• A Mismatched Petticoat:

Mismatched patticoat

A pink petticoat with a white saree? That a big no! A wrong petticoat can completely ruin the look of your saree. We can suggest you match your petticoat and saree color down to the good. It make the entire ensemble look more put together and bright as well.

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