4 healthy foods every woman must eat

While eating healthy is an essential for every human being, but men and women have their different dietary requirements. Here we are trying to bring to you some foods that every woman must include in her diet…


There are certain studies over the years that have found a link between the eating Cranberries and how it further reduces the risk of breast cancer and also heart disease. Also, they have the ability to further prevent and cure the urinary tract infections. Try having a glass of cranberry juice every other day.


As per experts say that the walnuts have omega-3 fatty acids, the antioxidants andphytosterols — all important further reducing the risk of the breast cancer. The high omega-3 content also helps the bone health, arthritis and also depression. Walnuts comprise the nutrients like calcium, magnesium and folic acid.


Healthy foods every woman must eat


Calcium is one of the deficiencies that are one of the major health concerns that affect women around the world. Milk is an absolute must for the women at any age. A great source of calcium is milk, when combined with the vitamin D, is one of the best ways to further keep the osteoporosis at bay. Milk is also helpful in preventing the symptoms of the dreaded PMS.


Not only is the salmon rich in iron, which is mostly lacking in women, but it is also the full of omega-3 fatty acids, known to further improve your mood. Experts say that omega-3 helps to treat depression and prevent mood swings.

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