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4 days to go for iPhone 8 Launch: Here is all you need to know about the hype!

iPhone 8 is creating a lot of buzz, here are few things that you should know about it

Finally, the wait will be over as Apple is going to launch iPhone 8. Apple plans to bring out new iPhones at an event on 12th of September at 10 a.m. Let’s talk about rumors first, the iPhone 8 features being described as it has a larger display, made possible by removing the Home Button and moving the fingerprint scanner – if Apple can overcome the technical challenges. It is also said to feature wireless charging and Face ID, a new form of facial recognition that will support Apple Pay.

Apple iPhone 8

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There are just few days left to the launch of the iPhone 8, and its hype is reaching almost at the top. If you have ever looked at a Touch ID sensor, you would have noticed a shiny metal ring surrounded by its surface. It is a capacitive surface like the touch screen which detects things such as our fingerprints. But it does need of electricity, and how our skin really conducts it. If you don’t believe on it just try using your phone with gloves and you will notice that your device is not able to detect your finger print.

Apple iPhone 8

For touch ID, the sensor is activated when the capacitive signal from your finger is detected. The fingerprint sensor reads the fingerprint of the person and then sends the data to the secure enclave in the device’s processor, which authenticates and finalizes to make sure that it is a valid print for that device.

If you will try to touch and want to unlock a dead person’s phone, their Touch ID sensor will not going to work unless the person have just recently died. When the iPhone 5s first launched, it was the first device with a Touch ID sensor, people got fantasize with it, they made up their mind if that could be done to trick a Touch ID sensor but it didn’t work at all.

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