30 Millennial words that you should add in your dictionary

30 Millennial words that you should know

We have often heard people saying – It’s a millennial thing. Well, people who were born between early 80s to the mid of 90s are known as millennials. They are breaking the stereotypes, and their way of living is completely different from Generation X. They are fearless, they are bold, and they are unapologetic about themselves.  These days whatever millennials do becomes a style statement. Here are 30 millennial words that you should add in your dictionary right now.

1. Savage: It is so common these days. It is already in the mainstream.  It means something is really cool.

2. Bohemian: People who are little unsocial

3. OOTD: Outfit of the day

4. OTT: Over the top – It means excessive or exaggerated

5. Salty: If someone says that you are being salty, then probably you are in a bad mood.

6. Sus: A truncated version of suspect, this word is used for a person who acts shady

7. Shenanigans: High Spirit people

8. Finding feet: Still trying to settle down things in a new place

9. Head Honcho:  A person with authority

10. Folly: Foolishness

11. Gush over: Going crazy

12. Sesh: A drinking session

13. Fleek: It means you are on point, the word means cool, trendy and desirable

14. Adulting: When one someone is finally becomes mature and learn how to take responsibility

15. Gaslighting: Manipulating

16. Heyday: Young days

17. BTS: Behind the scene

18. Helluva: Short and entertaining

19. MIL: Mother – in – law

20. Stalwart: Loyal co-worker

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21. F&F: Flirt and forget

22. Cup caking: Talking to someone extra sweet

23. Frating: Two people become friends with the intention a dating in future

24. Bounce: It’s when you have to leave someplace quickly.

25. RT: You like the tweet, then just retweet (RT) it.

26. JOMO: Do you know FOMO is already out of fashion, the new word is – JOMO, Joy of missing out

27. Lit: When something is especially awesome

28. Break the internet: Taking the internet by storm

29. Slaying: Killing it with your looks

30. Humble Brag: When you want to share how fantastic your life is but you don’t want to be that guy who brags that his life is fantastic, that’s when humble brag comes into play.

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