3 year course in entrepreneurship by DU: Know its scope& Admission Process

Scope and Admission process of  the 3-year course in entrepreneurship by DU

Hey! People have you studied so hard to serve others with your skills? You studied so hard so that others could churn out profit from your talent? Or have you studied so hard to live under the instruction of a boss? Delhi University has recently announced a 3 -year -degree course in entrepreneurship. Here is all you need to know

Among the major problems, India is facing unemployment and underdevelopment crawl up to the top. Therefore, Entrepreneurship has become a need of the hour to promote more and more youths towards business rather than wandering around to fetch jobs and migrating to other countries and catering their labor needs.

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The scope of Course in entrepreneurship

This 3-year entrepreneurship degree will enable students to begin with their own enterprise. So that they think of providing jobs instead of searching for one themselves. When entrepreneurs will generate new wealth for the country, it will be an addition to the national wealth. Thus, the effect of high income and increase in the number of jobs finally result in higher tax revenue and higher government spending on struggling sectors of the country, leading to the overall development of the nation.

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Entrepreneurs also bring a social change as their advanced products and innovative services to enhance the lifestyle, morale and economic freedom of the public.

With globalization, the reach of the under developing nations has already extended. The developed nation can get their needs to cater at low cost by outsourcing some part of their activities to underdeveloped countries simultaneously giving developing nation an opportunity to learn advanced technologies and innovations.

Delhi University could be a great platform

The standing committee of DU is all set to start the course in the next academic year (2019-20). The department for Humanities and social sciences are equipped for this course. Though, the course is yet to get approval from the academic council. Thereafter, the syllabus and curriculum will be decided.

Presently either Diploma is offered in this course in most of the universities or degree course is provided by the Private universities. The course will be highly beneficial for the ones who admire to run their own business. The course was proposed by Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies and its principal Poonam Verma.

Admission procedure

Students who want to pursue the course has to get through the 3-tier selection process which begins with national level entrance test followed by group discussion and lastly the personal interview. The entrance will analyze the candidate’s quantitative and qualitative reasoning along with the logical reasoning. While the group discussion and Interview will aim at exploring the decision making capability, personality and thought a process of the candidate.

Other Information

During their 3 year course, the students have to complete two internships and submit a dissertation in the last semester of the course. The three-year degree course will consist of 158 credits as per the Choice Based Credit System. This course will be started by next session in Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business studies if it gets the approval.

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