Delhi is Dying : 3 Simple Ways to reduce waste

3 Simple Ways to reduce waste: Let’s take a pledge to make Delhi garbage free

Delhi is turning into one big garbage dump. In fact, most of the urban cities in India are turning into a huge garbage dump. According to a data, India generates 62 million tonnes of garbage annually. You will be shocked to know that Delhi generates 10 million tonnes of garbage every day. Notably, there is no extra space in the landfills of Delhi to accommodate fresh garbage. The situation is alarming. The statistics are warning everyone that we have serious garbage problem to deal with. Well, charity begins at home. Delhi is the home for 1.9 crore people so let us save it from dying. Here are 3 simple ways to reduce waste, take a look.

Waste in Delhi
Delhi is dying

Effective Ways to Reduce Waste

Recently, the Supreme Court had expressed concern over Delhi’s waste management. The apex court said, “Delhi is facing an emergency situation.”  The court further added, the Delhi government should quickly find a solution instead of just shifting garbage from one place to another.  Well, it is important to understand that government alone cannot reduce waste of Delhi.  Citizens of Delhi have to support the government. Now, the question arises how do I reduce the garbage I generate?  Well, it is not impossible, here are 3 simple ways to reduce garbage.

A Big ‘NO’to plastic

Plastic is the bigger threat than nuclear weapons as earth cannot digest plastic.  A lot of animals die every year because of plastic pollution. Did you know plastics take around 500 to 1000 years to degrade due to the presence of complex polymers? And it can destroy marine life completely. Plastic can contribute to global climate change. So, you should ditch plastic. Use Jute bags, get your tea served in paper cups, carry your own bags whenever you go to market.

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Say Yes to Composting

Composting is a way to decompose organic material, such as vegetable peels, fruit peels, leaves, grass. Composting can help you in many ways. Firstly, it can reduce the burden of garbage drastically from our planet. Secondly, it also provides nutrients for the plant growth. How can you start?

  1. Separate your kitchen waste daily.  Put leftover things like food, vegetables and fruits peels in a separate bin.
  2. Collect dry and organic matter in a separate container.
  3. Now take an earthen pot or simply a bucket. Make two-three holes in it. Make holes in different levels so that air can easily pass
  4. Cover bottom of the pot with soil.
  5. Once you have made the container, start adding food waste. Notably, the waste should be added to the alternating layer. Wet waste should be added with dry waste.  Once done, cover the container with a plastic sheet or a plank wood, to retain heat and moisture.

Don’t forget to Reuse

Segregating your waste is very important. Keeping wet and dry waste separately can make your work easier. This way you would able to reduce waste drastically. Apart from it, reusing things are on a regular basis is also essential. Did you know, there are approximately 100 million plastic bottles that used every day? So, it is important to reuse plastic. You can make DIY, you can use them to keep your accessories etc.


Let us all take a pledge to keep make Delhi garbage free. Delhi is the capital of India, and it is the home for more than 1 core people. The Delhi government cannot do everything. As a responsible citizen, it is our moral duty to keep our city clean and healthy. Don’t wait for others because charity begins at home.

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