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How 3C’s of Life, Choices, Chances, and Changes, Affect Your Life

The 3c’s of life are simple yet not known by many. We do not even realize how these three factors affect our lives in every aspect.


I remember how I understood the value of the 3 c’s of life. It was back when I was in college. I always wanted to pursue a career in drama. However, my parents did not find a sustainable career in this field, and so I had to take literature as a career.

While being in college, I could not pay much attention to classes as I always felt my heart was somewhere else. I was in the second year when the auditions for the drama group of our college began.

I was anxious about taking part in it. My family had asked me to concentrate on my studies. I remained in the dilemma until the last day of the audition. Finally, I gathered the courage to make a choice. Yes! I made the choice to try my passion. I was selected in the audition immediately.

A few days later, we were performing at a renowned platform when I was noticed by a movie director.

3c of life


I was offered a role in a movie. As much as I was glad to hear the news, I did not know how to tell my parents.

However, I took the chance of telling them, and that chance changed my life. On that day, I realized our future completely depends on the 3c’s of life.


How 3c’s of life affect your life?


It is an old saying that,

You must make a choice to take a chance, or your life will never change.

The three C’s: Choices, Chances, and Changes determine how our life passes. All the other aspects of life just balance these 3c’s.

Although the 3’s do not guarantee success to anyone, it gives the courage to take a step towards one’s dream. Things might not come easy, but at least you try for yourself. It is better than not even trying. By not taking a chance, you let down a bunch of opportunities.


Understanding the 3c’s of life



The meaning of choice remains different for different people. For some, it can be a career choice, for some relationship choices, or for some life choices.

There are a lot of elements in life that we have no control over. There are also elements of life where we have enough control over our choices.

In fact, if we sit and test, we will realize we often have many choices in each situation of life.

Take a simple example, each morning, you have a choice to either wake up an hour early to do exercise or sleep an hour longer. Most of you would blame not having enough time to work out, but you always had a choice.

Each night you have the choice to either watch another episode or sleep early. It is your choices that determine you.

When stuck in such situations, ask yourself if your choice will take you towards your goals or away from them.

Once you learn to take decisions by evaluating this question, you’ll start making better choices. If you make the right choices in such minor situations, you’ll start seeing colossal changes soon.


Life is a risky game. Even if you make choices or not, life remains risky. The biggest risk that you can take in life is not taking a risk at all.

When we make a choice, we by default take a chance. Each choice we make leads us to take a chance. We do not know what the output of our chance or choice could be, but we take the risk of taking it.

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3c of life


When taking a chance, we prepare ourselves for all the circumstances that might occur. Taking a chance now is better than regretting saying later, ‘I wish I had done this.’

To accomplish something in life, take a chance. Unless you step out of your comfort zone, you cannot achieve anything. For example, if you have to follow your passion, take the chance of at least trying.


Change is known to be the way of life. We expect a person who changes with time to survive in today’s time. Everything in life comes down to just one thing-change.

Life never stops changing. You cannot control a lot of things in life. In this ever-changing life, a person should learn to change. Change school, cities, homes, partners, as and when necessary.

Many times in life, we ourselves long to create certain changes in our life. It is better to handle things when the changes are foisted on us.

Instead of resisting the changes, we should learn to embrace each change that comes in our way. Accepting changes in life might seem uncomfortable at first, but it is the most rewarding of all the 3c’s of life.

Changes open doors to opportunities and success. You might be happy and satisfied with what you have in life right now, or you might want to improve things in the future. Here is where change helps. As is an old saying,

There is always a chance to change and make things better.

The 3c’s that make life

Choices. Chances. Changes. 

We only live once. Throughout our lives, we get many options to make choices and to take chances. Our lives are determined by the number of chances we take.

3c of lifed

Each morning and each night and all the hours between them, we get to make choices. From small and simple life choices to life-changing events, everything depends on the 3c’s of life.

However, any choice that we make should not be made in haste. Every option should be evaluated and thought of properly before concluding.

Life is a sum of choices. Take the right choice so you can have the best chance that will change your life.

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