2nd May marks World Asthma Day

Don’t panic, just get a proper treatment of Asthma

Asthma is basically a breathing problem. Millions of people all around the world suffer from Asthma. If you have ever met one who is suffering from it, then you must be familiar with the sound of the inhalers that make a relatively normal day to day life possible for them. World Asthma Day is dedicated to raising awareness about this disease and seeks to bring awareness and advanced asthma care to sufferers throughout the world.

History of this day

Every day has its own history and World Asthma Day too have its own history. World Asthma Day was initially established in 1998 by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA). While almost all of us are familiar with the sound and visual of an inhaler for Asthma being used, not all of us are aware of the actual nature, cause, and that there are multiple types of asthma out there. The truth of the matter is, asthma is not entirely understood, what is known is that there are multiple factors at play in the complex chemistry that creates an asthma sufferer. These include genetic interactions and elements in the environment that can change both the severity and how likely it is to respond to treatment.

Representative Image
Representative Image

Asthma can cause from allergens, air pollution, and other chemicals that can appear in the environment that irritate the lungs. In high enough concentrations these factors can cause serious asthma attacks in sufferers as well. Delhi always remains on red alert in terms of pollution so of course so called Delhiites are more vulnerable to this disease. Asthma is incredibly prevalent in those areas that have low air quality as a result, and those areas also tend to be those that house low-income and minority communities.

Celebrate World Asthma Day

Being and educated citizen it’s your moral duty to let others know what actually Asthma is and it is treatable disease. Clean your environment and encourage others to do so. Prevention is better than cure. So, buy a mask for your children if you find pollution in nearby your location.

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