28 July marks World Hepatitis Day : Few things you need to know!

All you need to know about World Hepatitis Day 2017!

Well, July 28th is celebrated as world hepatitis day. Entire world is united against this virus. The world is united in elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030.

Today, The World Health Organization (WHO) has published new data from 28 countries and shown that nearly 70% of the world hepatitis burden is borne by these countries.


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Well, it’s a high time to fight against Hepatitis virus. However, national campaigns are in place and there is a momentum towards elimination of viral hepatitis. The report states that 86% of the countries that have been studied have a campaign in place along with hepatitis elimination targets.

Countries that are planning against elimination of Hepatitis virus

Over 70% of the countries have started to develop a national hepatitis plan in order to start effective prevention of the disease and also early and effective diagnosis, treatment and care.

Prevention is better than cure. You just have to be little careful about your health.Universal access to hepatitis treatment is also started by nearly half of the countries.

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The report goes on to estimate that there are still 1.34 million deaths each year due to viral hepatitis and these numbers have risen by 22% since 2000.

A World Hepatitis Alliance thus is set up and the member states are being urged to speed up diagnosis and early treatment efforts for hepatitis B and C.

According to Raquel Peck, CEO of the World Hepatitis Alliance, who is herself a hepatitis C survivor who is now cured, it is no longer a dream to eliminate hepatitis but targets seem achievable. Peck called forth countries and governments on World Hepatitis Day to “collaborate, identify and overcome the significant barriers” that are still present.

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