Turned 25? Here 25 Things about Love, Life & Adulting that you will relate to!

Here are 25 things that we realize once we turn 25

25 is the turning point in anyone’s life. The early twenties get over, and finally, people start taking you seriously. A lot of things change once you turn 25. Be it your friend circle, job or even your perspective on life. Here are 25 things about love, life, and adulting that every 25 year old will relate to.


1. You listen more to your parents, the rebellious child in you has taken a backseat: Now, you understand that the only thing your parents want is your ‘Happiness’.

2. Travelling is at the top of your bucket list: You don’t like to party anymore and exploring new places is at the top of your list. It gives a different perspective on life.

3. Staying alone is not a big deal – You need to learn it. Not every time you will have people around to help you.

4. The ego does not take you anywhere

It is the most unproductive emotion and will only make you hollow. It is better to leave it behind.

5. Not everybody will like you but you should like yourself – Not everybody will like you. But you should like yourself and never stop doing it.

6. Fewer friends are okay than fake friends – You don’t need a bunch of people to hang with you. Few real friends are like a blessing.

7. Failures are a part of life- If you will not fail, you will never learn. They are a part of life and one should not fear failure

8. Family comes first – They are the ones who have supported in every situation. It is important to spend time with them.

9. Health should be a priority – Money, fame is a complete waste if you don’t have good health. It should be made a priority.

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10. Investments, Savings are now your cup of tea- Before magical 25, you were least bothered about your savings and investments. But now you are!

11. Every relationship doesn’t come with a closure – You can’t always ask for why? Few things happen because they were supposed to happen that way.

12. Investing in people is very important-Either they will give you memories or they will give you lessons.

13. You understand professionalism better – You are serious about work and understand a leader is better than a boss!

14. Time is money – You have now come to a point where you understand what exactly you want from life. There is no wasting of time.

15. Everybody has their own journey

Somebody will be doing much better than you in life, but that doesn’t make you any less. Everybody has their own journey. We should focus on being the best version of ourselves.

16. Adulting is hard – It is hard but we need to find ways to make it easier. That’s a personal choice.

17. Someone who loves you truly will stick no matter what- Gone are the days when you use to go extra miles to make things work. Now, you understand if something has to happen, it will! All you need is effort.

18. You understand ‘Making Efforts’ is the best thing someone can do – Fancy dates, expensive gifts are now not your thing. You know if someone makes efforts to be with you that is the most beautiful thing.

19. Vote – It should be on your list or you would have already done. But it matters.

20. Buying house is now on your mind – Before 25 you don’t even think about it but as you 25 this could be a serious thought.

21. Casual relationships are now not on your list – You have started taking your romantic interest seriously

22. The bodyneeds some extra care –  Metabolism starts to slow down. It is important to take up some exercise.

23. Spending time with your parents – It should be a ritual. They need your time and you should give them often

24. Learn cooking – Financial independence is not everything. You need to know household chores too.

25. Last but not least you will realizeinternal happinessis everything. If your inner world is okay, then All is Well.

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