21 days challenge of drinking Beetroot Juice: Why you should try it this winter season?

I took a Challenge of Drinking Beetroot Juice everyday for 21 days & results ne kar diya shock!!!

Who doesn’t want a flawless skin & healthy hair? Stress and pollution takes a toll on our skin and hair and with a plethora of products available in the market claiming the best, it becomes extremely difficult to choose. With the onset of Pandemic, we have all realised, the best remedy for all our problems is – homemade and natural products. Everything is available in our kitchen. Be it the needs of our immunity, hair, skin, all you need are the right products in your kitchen. Recently, I took 21 days challenge of drinking beetroot juice and results were shocking.

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As fall is here, it is a good time to include beetroot juice in your diet. Experts say that beetroot juice not only promotes healthy hair and skin but it also acts as a great detoxification drink as well.

How one can prepare Beetroot Juice?

A user on Quora shared the recipe of Beetroot juice if you are particularly looking for detoxification. Take a look!

Preparing this cleansing fluid will help you naturally cleanse the blood of toxins, liver and kidneys.


1 medium red beetroot
2 garlic cloves
1 apple
Two thin slices of ginger
A teaspoon of lemon juice

How to prepare it?

Transfer all ingredients to the blender. Finally add lemon juice if you want a little more water and drink on an empty stomach.

Beetroot juice benefits
Apart from it, there are various other ways to prepare beetroot juice. It also helps in treating anaemia. For that, one can add beetroot along with Amla and carrot. While speaking to NDTV, a Delhi based Nutritionist said, “It can naturally boost your iron levels and it go well with pineapple and oranges too. ”

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Sharing my experience of drinking beetroot juice :

Basically, I was looking for something that can help my skin glow and can keep my hair healthy. I decided to take beetroot juice challenge. Initially, it was the taste that bothered me but having it for 7 days, I fell for it.

Pandemic really pushed me for a better lifestyle. To be honest, including beetroot juice in the diet was a boon. I prepared it with beetroot, carrot, Amla and ginger and took it empty stomach for 21 days. After 21 days, it became a habit.

The results were amazing. Beetroot juice purified my blood and the result was – Clear Skin.

It also naturally boosted my immunity. I had issue of sever headache and after including beetroot juice in my diet, I got rid of headaches as well.

Drinking beetroot juice regularly reduced hair fall drastically and they now look healthy and shinny.

It also helped in Detoxification of blood – helps eliminate all toxins, impurities and improves kidney and liver functions. My digestion system has improved drastically.

What should be the quantity of the juice?

This is an important question to consider before you include beetroot juice in your diet. Dr. Saini says that one can drink 200 ml glass of beetroot juice everyday. One should have it early morning, drink it at least one hour before your breakfast.

Note: You should always do your research before adding any drink in your diet. Natural drinks have no side effects but taking an advice isn’t a bad idea.

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