20’s VS 30’s Relationships: Few things to know

20’s VS 30’s Relationships: Few things to understand about it

Relationships whether it’s with your mummy, daddy, siblings or boyfriend/girlfriend is ofcourse very important part of our lives. But here, we are going to discuss about the relationship with your partner. One of the most fundamental differences between your 20s and your 30s is the way you handle your relationships. 20’s VS 30’s relationships, which is better?

You could be with the same people, yet have different ways of dealing with them as per your age.

Yes, your 20’s is full of energy but contrary to it 30′ is low in energy.While you actively seek passion, fun, and excitement in your 20s, your 30s are about stability and mature bonds.

Here, are few differences between your 20’s and 30’s, just have a look and analyse how you change with the passage of your time:,

20's VS 30's Relationships:  Few things to know

1. Lack of stability VS stability

Your relationship at your young age in twenties are largely going to be about the feeling of butterflies in stomach, 20’s relationship composed of lack of stability.

But as you age you are going to seek more stability. It doesn’t mean as you get older your relationship turned boring rather you are going to be more emotionally invested than before.

2. 20’s focus on quantity but 30’s on quality

As you get enter into college you make new friends. You love to make bundle of friends and everytime want to be a part of crowd. But as you attain stability you are focused on cutting out the bullshit, and keeping things simple and fun. Definitely, you feel

3. Pleasing others VS pleasing yourself

When you run in 20’s you are more conscious whether other likes you or not. You wanted be accepted by others.

However, a decade later, you will be more focused on whether or not you like people rather than worrying about whether they like you.

20's VS 30's Relationships:  Few things to know
young couple

4. Stupidity VS maturity

You may like and even live to do drama abs stupidities at your 20’s but these things get replaced the time you attain maturity. You maintain peace in your mind.

5. Hanging out VS letting go

Well, people in both the ages deal differently with fresh breakups. In 20’s you may get into an ugly disputes or even done something against the law that can ruin your entire life but that is totally different when you are in 30’s. You often start understanding the seriousness of situation.

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