2022 First Predictions : 2 January- 8 January

2022 First Predictions : What all this week holds for you??

2022 First Predictions : Kiran Rai Pandey is back with her predictions. Check out your weekly horoscope and plan your week accordingly. Here is what the first week of 2022  holds for you. Let’s look forward to a wonderful year ahead.

2022 First Predictions

Aries: You would like to introspect your deeds in this period. Fatherly figure may create problem in your daily life style. You are going to take lead in different areas for the development of society. Unmarried persons can expect marriage proposals in this period. Your preference will be just to  enjoy your own company, in seclusion and giving thought deeply about the actions taken by you.

2022 First Predictions

Taurus: This week has special attention towards your work. Most of you will turn fortunate in your task but identity crisis can be seen in this week. Health can disturb you. Financial aspect won’t be very encouraging. Speak only if it’s more important than silence. Your partner needs your time and attention 2022 First Predictions

Gemini: This week brings sudden changes in your life style. Your opinion regarding your work can have several ways to perform. It’s up to your individual running period that decides the quality your fetch out of it. Your main concern will be either your studies or your children. The best part of this week will be your sober move to execute your planning or work.

2022 First Predictions

Cancer: Your mind will think in two parallel ways. One side may think in immature way while other side can make you sluggish in your work. Eventually, this contradictory mental state makes you a bit confused in this week. Travelling can be expected. Business deal with foreign company or any work related to abroad can be successful in this period.

2022 First Predictions

Leo: This planetary position may create a bit opinion differences with partner but you will be getting support from loved ones. You can expect transfer or profile change in this period. Some hassles will be experienced in your income. Your romantic life looks disturbed in this period. Your worries for children can be seen in these days.

2022 First Predictions

Virgo: Students of this sign will be more focused in their studies. You need to be extra careful in your relationship. Chances of bitter differences of opinion with partner can be expected in this week. Younger siblings or neighbours should be taken seriously and with sensitive hands. Job will be effected in the form of undesirable transfer. 2022 First Predictions

Libra:  Hard work, endurance and determination will keep you busy in this week. But your unintentional harsh words may hurt your loved ones. You will try something new in your lifestyle. Your knowledge will be appreciated and followed by your family and friends. Stay away from illegitimate relationship or illegal move in your day-to-day life.

2022 First Predictions

Scorpio: You are doing your best to sustain peace and prosperity of home and surrounding. You may get wealth in the form of land or the money, you lent it before and almost forgot too. You can expect short travelling more frequently in this week. Take care of health to avoid carrying any inherited disease (Diabetes, B.P. etc.) later. 2022 First Predictions
Sagittarius:  Friends and acquaintance of yours may give you reason to have fun and frolic in this week. But your relation with partner won’t be good. At the same time, some of your hidden enemies are trying to pull you down in this week. Be careful. Promotion or increment, if anyone of them is pending for last few months, you can expect it in this week.

2022 First Predictions

Capricorn: Mercury with your lord will keep you confuse with the pace of your decisions. Your advice will be really valuable for others. Your will be more towards food, family and fun in this week. Your professional area needs some changes and this situation will lead you to an uneven path. Ultimately, your fortune is going to give you the appropriate path.

2022 First Predictions

Aquarius: Work related unique ideas may come in your mind in these days. You will be able to come across an adverse situation with a great success. Consequently, no one can deny lack of peace and happiness in this period. Students of this sign may plan and take step towards higher studies in abroad with a hopeful assurance from someone

2022 First Predictions

Pisces: Lord of your planet is behaving restless in these days. Your aggression and instant reaction may take a bad shape, if not utilized in proper action. Only your rash action is going to backfire you. Accumulation of wealth will lessen its pace in comparison of previous few months. Father’s health will be your concern. Tips for this week is to control your temperament.

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