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2016 Maybach coming soon to a dealership near you!

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Maybach is the flagship brand of Mercedes Benz. The latest in the series is the Maybach S600 Guard.

The vehicle, as the name suggests, is designed specifically for high risk-high profile individuals like senior politicians, tycoons, etc.



Designed to withstand armour piercing bullets, side blasts, including a 15 kg TNT equavalent blast at a mere 2 meter distance, including that from a explosion underneath.

Other safety features include a fuel tank made from special composites used in the fuel tanks of combat helecopters, which auto-seal any bullet hole.

The mamoth is powered by a six litre v12 engine which delivers 830 Nm of torque with 520+ HP of pwer. Transmission is standard 7 speed dual clutch, as in other Mercedes cars.

The car comes with a equally mammoth price tag for the basic variant at Indian Rupees Ninety Million (Ex-showroom).

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