200 crore extortion case: How do Nora Fatehi and Jacqueline Fernandez tricked by ‘Chandu Chor’? 

In 200 crore extortion case, two Bollywood beauties locked horns over bluffmaster Sukesh Chandrashekhar.

In 200 crore extortion case Nora Fatehi and Jacqueline Fernandez are currently making headlines owing to the money laundering case involving bluffmaster Sukesh Chandrashekhar aka Chandu Chor . 

Sukesh Chandrashekhar also claimed that Nora was always jealous of Jacqueline. 

Nora is jealous of Jacque!

Shekhar has written a press statement through his lawyers stating that the Street Dancer 3D actress used to brainwash him as she wanted him to leave Jacqueline. The conman also added that Nora wanted Sukesh to date her and used to call him at least ten times a day.

He added, “As Jacqueline and I were in a serious relationship, I started avoiding Nora. But she kept irritating me by calling. She kept sending multiple pictures of Hermes bags and jewelry that she wanted, which I obliged by giving her.”

Climax in Jacqueline’s real life 

Conman is very gentle when it comes to protecting Jacqueline. But the Ram Setu actress appeared to broom all the soft corners for Chandu (aka Sukesh Chandrashekhar).

“He destroyed my entire life and career; he duped me; Sukesh has played with my emotion,” Jacque words in a statement about the conman.

According to the 3rd supplementary charge sheet filed, she has turned as a witness now. She told the court that her life was destroyed by Chandrashekhar, who duped her.

On January 2, Jacqueline Fernandez’s statement to the core detailed how Chandrashekhar claimed to be the owner of Sun TV and nephew of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jaya Lalitha when he introduced himself. Besides, he used to call her 2 to 3 times a day, always dressed in designer wear, and never repeated his clothes. Whenever they spoke on video calls, he would call only from one corner of his room, which had a curtain backdrop and a sofa stating that he had bad Wi-Fi in other parts of the room.

When Jacque learns about Chandu’s criminal past, Pinky Irani turns up. Pinky allegedly persuaded Jacqueline that it was just a misunderstanding resulting from political rivalry. Fernandez told the court that Pinky Irani was very pushy and constantly brainwashed her to believe that Sukesh was a real gentleman and a billionaire.

Jacque and Chandu also met twice in June 2021. The first time, she flew with him in a private jet booked by Chandrashekhar for his uncle’s funeral. However, she did not attend the funeral when Shekhar claimed that the last rites could not be performed during the day due to some customs.

Later, Shekhar took her for a drive around the city and was armed with 15 bodyguards who followed them in two Range Rovers. Jacqueline also stated that whenever she would try to meet Shekhar’s kin, he would make excuses. She added that the conman and Pinky Irani used impersonation tactics, fictitious identities, and intimidating conduct to mislead her.

Nora Fatehi is also a witness in this case. In a chargesheet filed, it was revealed how Chandrashekhar allegedly tried to connect with Nora Fatehi. He promised Fatehi a BMW car and other expensive items, only to ask her later to become his girlfriend.

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How did all of this start?

On January 13, Nora said she was invited to attend an event in Chennai that Sukesh’s wife hosted. She was asked to be at the event, judge a dance competition and hand over an envelope containing money to disabled children.

After the event, Shekhar spoke to her over the phone with an international accent and allegedly wanted to give her a car as a token of thanks. She refused to take it as she had already handed her gift boxes containing an iPhone and a Gucci bag. The accused kept pestering her for the car, but she offered to promote their event for free since they were generous.

This is when a man named Suresh makes an entry. He claimed to be an employee of Ellis Corporation, hosted the event in Chennai and kept insisting her to take the wheels. Instead, she handed over her relative Bobby’s contact to him.

Around this time, Nora connected the dots that Suresh was none other than Chandra Shekhar himself.

Shekhar and Bobby discussed business opportunities, including a film project for which he wanted to give him a BMW car as a signing fee and insisted Fatehi to come along.

Later, the Saki-Saki girl left for Dubai, where she got a call from a cousin who told her that Pinky Irani had contacted Bobby and said to him that Shekhar wanted to finance the actor’s entire film career in exchange for becoming his girlfriend.

Pinky even went on to tell Bobby that Jacqueline was already in line. Still, Sukesh’s offer is exclusively for Nora. Following this, Nora’s cousin had a heated row with Irani, during which she threatened to report the matter to the police.

However, Chandu’s lawyer Anand Malik has denied the allegation stating that his client was innocent. Sukesh Chandrashekhar is currently held in Delhi’s Mandoli Jail in connection to a 200-crore money laundering case.

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