20 Popular brands and their interesting tag lines

20 Popular brands and their interesting taglines, take a look 

Have you ever thought why do only a few brands catch our attention? The secret to a winning advertising campaign lies in a great tagline. A great tagline makes people talk about your product.  It is these catchphrases that your customer remember. So, it is important to play with words whenever you are writing taglines. Here is a list of 20 popular brands and their interesting taglines, take a look.

1. Cafe Coffee Day – A lot can happen over a coffee

Simple, effective and so catchy. It sticks in people’s mind. Of course, a lot can happen over a coffee. It hits the right chord.

2. MC Donalds – I am lovin’ it

It is so successful that Justin Timberlake has released it as a song. It is one of the most successful taglines. It ties really well with the company’s value.

3. Subway- Eat Fresh

Smart move, right? Fast foods are often labeled as unhealthy. So to keep that label at bay, they decided the tagline -“Eat Fresh”.  The tagline lets people know their sandwiches are always fresh.

4. Apple – Think Different

They have proved. Apple is one of the most successful companies in the world. The tagline – Think Different goes well with the reputation of the company.

5. The Disney Land – The Happiest place on the Earth

Everybody is a fan of Disney Land. There is so much hatred on the earth, right? In that case, Disney Land is the happiest place on the earth.

6. Garnier – Take care

Who doesn’t want to look good?  Beauty brand Garnier has the perfect tagline – Take care. It is important to take care of your skin as it makes you look beautiful.

7. KitKat – Have a break, have a KitKat

It is simple and easy to remember. Used in both Printed and television adverts, the Have a break tagline shows how quick and easy the wafer bar is to eat.

8. Maybelline – Make it happen

We have to make things happen for us.  The beauty brand Maybelline says – Make it happen. The exotic makeup range will definitely help you to make it happen.

9. Google – Don’t be Evil

Ahh! That’s so interesting. Don’t be evil. They say that you can always make money without being evil.

10. Loreal – Because you’re worth it

Loreal – Because you’re worth it, don’t you? This is so impactful. Looking good is our right so Loreal says look good because you’re worth it.

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11. Red Bull- It gives you wiiings

It has not been changed because the tagline is really smart. It says that drink gives you the ultimate energy. It keeps you boosted. The tagline is a great example of marketing at its best.

12. CitiBank – Because the citi never sleeps

CitiBank for the city that never sleeps. So catchy, so relatable.

13. Adidas – Impossible is nothing

Adidas says there is no word called Impossible. Everything is possible if you want to make it happen. So motivating!

14. Snickers – You are not you when you are hungry

This so true. Grab a snicker whenever you are hungry. The recent ad that shows even captain cool loses his cool when he hungry featuring MS Dhoni. A great example of marketing at its best.

15. Tide – Tide’s in Dirt’s out

To keep your clothes Tide is there. It’s in – Dirt’s out

16. Surf Excel – Daag ache hai

Now, this is very impactful. Indian households can definitely relate to it. Do not stop your children from playing because – Daag Ache hai.

17. Tesco – Every Little Helps

Supermarket Tesco is famed for their low prices and their huge stock list. Their tagline perfectly reflects their business.

18. Star Plus – Soch nayi Rishta wahi

India is progressing and this tagline reflects new India.

19. Amul – The Taste of India

Yes, it is the taste of India from past so many years.

20. Asain Paints – Har Ghar Kuch Kehta hai

Every house says something. The tagline hits the right chord. We all have some beautiful memories attached to our house, right?

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