Astrology: 1st December-7th December

Weekly horoscope 16 February

Astrology: 1st December-7th December

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Travelling can be seen in this week. Reason of travelling won’t be very pleasant. Do not indulge in any legal matter specially if it’s related to marital affair. You need to be careful about your activity in public to avoid any argument or mess further. Success after hard work can be expected. Your opinion will matter among your people. Overall, a week to have a careful look at, is approaching.


Taurus: Ego, self-reliant and calm attitude of yours will confuse others. Speak if it is really
needed for this week. Some of you, who had been waiting for marriage, will get marriage
proposal. Occult science can be one of your passion at this moment. You will experience mental peace comparatively more in this week. Financial aspect will be brighter.


Gemini: Gains, promotion, reward, award can be the expected on your way. Relationship can be turn into marriage or may be planned for the same soon. Your tolerance level will be at its best level. Businessmen of this sign should rethink before signing any deal in this period. Mother’s condition will improve. Overall, a good week can be assured.


Cancer: Family, friends and fun are in your wish list of the week. Work place would be a better place for you. Money will be spent in family affairs. Stay careful about eating habits to keep safe your digestive system or anything related to stomach. People may conspire against you. Anxiety may bother your sleeping pattern.


Leo: Thinking about new home décor and buying or replacing vehicles will be continuously
hovering in mind. You will dare to take multi task on your shoulder. Parents’ health can be cause of concern. Disturbances can be experienced at work place but it won’t deter your
determination. Overall, a vibrant week can be expected for you.


Virgo: You will over react for vague matter, if not taken situation wisely. Patience may be
missing in your approach. You will create your own problem and strive with the same. Those who have been working for judiciary or court of any level may be benefitted in this period. Lot of confusion will be faced by you in taking decision of day-to-day life’s matter.


Libra: You will be very energetic in participating any activity held around. At the same time, you will be exhausted soon. Such condition may disturb you more than giving any pleasure to you. Sportsperson of this sign will perform well. Your interference in family matter can turn into argument for trivial issues. Utilize energy in sports or any other physical activity to channelize it properly.


Scorpio: Arrogance, ego and self-respect all these will be in your weekly package. Your
commanding behavior with spouse may deteriorate your relation. But lack of confidence can will be noticed by others in your behavior. There is a possibility of people may come across your life, who will provoke you, but try not to react or over react with words or gestures. Going for meditation will be the best solution of this week.


Sagittarius: You will be planning to extend your hands for charity work or involving in any other form of religious activity. Parental happiness seems missing or disturbed. Gains and happiness from elder sibling or friends can be assured in this week. Trip taken in this period won’t be one of the successful one. Avoid journey, if it’s not necessary.


Capricorn: You will have a mixed feeling of cowardice and valorous in this period. Such feeling will continue for almost everything in your day-to-day life. You may expect sudden gain in this week. Expenses will multiply to its normal pace. Parental bliss can be assured with a pinch of obstacles. A good week is knocking your way.


Aquarius: Surrounded by several ideas and opinions will keep you anxious and bothered without any substantial results. Friends from every strata may suddenly surface up. You would prefer to stay away from gatherings for next few weeks. This is not a good period for investment. Diet, physical activities and discipline should be properly followed to avoid any health problem in this period.


Pisces: More focused at work and profession would give you a feather on your cap. You can be impulsive in your approach more than expectation. You may give straight opinion among loved ones which everybody won’t take sportingly. Younger sibling seem disturbed or relation with them won’t be good. A moderate week can be expected.

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