15 Tips to Transform Your House

15 Tips to Transform Your House

All of us want to live in a home which is cozy, comfortable and convenient. We get things according to our choice and put them in our homes. But do we actually utilize all the furnishings and the architectural space to their fullest potential?

You just need to make some adjustments, addition and some remodeling and see how your house makes your life easier and organized.

15 Tips to Transform Your House

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So here are some tips that can add more convenience and luxury to your home:

1. It you have a large hall for your living room space; you can alter it by making it biconcave, so that it makes a rectangular space in the middle. Place the couches/Sofa set in the area for conversations, activities like watching television etc. It is also a great way to create a safe playing area for toddlers.

15 Tips to Transform Your House

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2. If you have a sloped house and an attic beneath the roof which you use to keep old stuff for storage, you can alternatively use it as a pillow room. All you have to do is, increase the space of the attic, and clear the area. Carpet the flooring and cover the area with cushions and pillows. It can be a good place for “me” time where you can isolate yourself from the house and read a book, write etc. It can also be used by kids for treehouse games or teens as a “Do Not Disturb” space, which they require at times.

15 Tips to Transform Your House

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3. If you have a duplex or a multi-storied house, you can use the famous “Cupboard-under-the-stairs” area to transform it into creative display for books/bookshelves.You can alternatively use the space under the stairs, for cozy book-nooks where you can curl-up on a lazy weekend afternoon with a book. Small patios can be turned into cozy reading areas too. You can also make a cozy bedroom for your dog under the stairs.

4. Transform your shabby and rusty garden shed into a rustic or classy artist’s and craftsman’s shed.

15 Tips to Transform Your House


5. You can fully utilize the spaces by putting baseboard drawers which, apart from keeping things, also don’t let pests to make their homes.

6. You can also create hidden rooms behind the cupboards. (After all who didn’t want a secret hideout when they were kids?)

15 Tips to Transform Your House

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7. Make small wall spaces magnetic, so that you can put notes, with the help of small bits of iron. It will make sure that the wall-paints don’t get spoiled.

15 Tips to Transform Your House

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8. Make an S-shaped podium in your bath under the shower, so that you can relax while taking a shower. Who needs expensive bath tubs? Moreover, they are more comfortable for the posture than the bathtubs.

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