15 Bollywood Dialogues that will restore your faith in love!

Here are few romantic Bollywood Dialogues that will restore your faith in love

The love season is going on, and one can feel its presence in the air. Well,love can have different meanings for different people, but its essence remains the same in everybody’s life right? And when we are talking about love, how can we forget to mention about the Bollywood movies? Here are 15 Bollywood Dialogues that will restore your faith in love. We all have grown up watching Bollywood movies, wherein hero sings, dance, deliver some heavy dialogues, and even fights to get his girl. This is the definition of an epic romance in India, and we are so obsessed of it.

Feel the love

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Today, things have changed as trend of casual relationship is really catching up. Love has become a game where we chase the person and once we get him/ her in our life, we actually lose the interest. So, if you are someone who doesn’t believe in true love, here are 15 Bollywood dialogues that will restore your faith in love.

Take a look here:

1. “Jab Koi Pyaar Mai Hota hai Toh Sahi Ya Galat Nhi Hota”

(There is No Wrong and Right in Love)

2. “Pyaar hai toh Jhagda hai, Jhagda hai toh Pyaar hai, aur Jhagda hi Pyaar ko tagda karta hai”

(Love gets stronger when you fight more)

3. “Pyaar Dosti hai … agar woh meri meri sabse achi dost nhi bann sakti toh mai usey kabhi pyaar kar hi nhi sakta … Kyunki dosti ke bina pyaar toh hota hi nhi, simple Pyaar Dosti Hai.

(Love is friendship, without friendship you cannot fall for each other)

Pyaar dosti hai
Pyaar dosti hai

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4. “Chahane aur Hasil karne main bahut fark hai. Pyaar sirf haasil karne ka naam nhi hai , Pyaar dene ka naam hai.”

(Love means sacrifices and compassion)

5. “Tum mujse pyaar karti ho? Sabse zyada , Mujhpe bharosa hai khud se zyada”

(I trust you more than I trust myself)

6. “Hum ek baar jeete hai, ek baar marte hai, shaadi bhi ek baar hoti hai aur pyaar bhi ek baar hi hota hai.”

(Everything is done only one time in life including love)

7. “Pyaar mai doori zaroori hai kyunki yeh humme ek dusre ke aur kareeb ane ka mauka deti hai”

(Sometimes distance is also required in love)

8. “Love Tedha hai par us tedhe love mai bhi sukoon pana bus kuch logo aata hai.”

(Love isn’t easy but only few people know how to happily enjoy the journey)

Love Tedha hai
Love Tedha hai

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9. “Ek Tarfa Pyaar ki Taakat hi kuch aur hai, yeh auron ki tarah do logo mein nhi bant’ti bus mera haq hai is par”

(One sided love has more power it doesn’t get divided between two people)

10. “Mohabbat karna hamare bus main nhi hai par us mohabbat se door chale jana, wo hamare bus mai hai.”

(There is no control in loving someone, but we can definitely go far from our love)

11. “Nafrat ko Nafrat nhi sirf pyaar mitha sakta hai bus pyaar mitha sakta hia, bus zaroorat hai ek haath ki jo apko un andhero se kheech le aaye.”

(Only love can destroy hatred, one just needs a helping hand.)

12. “Dosti sukoon hai , pyaar zunoon hai”
(Love is calm but love is full of expectations)

13.”Pyaar karna Asaan hai par usko Nibhana utna hi mushkil hai”

(It is easy to love but it’s difficult to hold that love forever)

Try to hold your love forever
Try to hold your love forever

14. “Chahe jo tumhe poore Dil se milta hai woh mushkil se par agar koi aisa hai Toh bus wahi sabse haseen”

(True love is hard to find but if someone deeply loves you then he or she is the most beautiful person)

15. “Pyaar saath marne mai nhi hai balki woh saath jeene mai hai aur Sacha pyaar woh hota hai jo marke bhi zinda ho”

(True love never dies)

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