13 Little Things to remind you that ‘All is Well’ in your Life

13 Little Things that are a gentle reminders that you are living your best life

The pandemic has changed everything for all of us and we all know that things will never be the same again. Be it valuing people in our lives to being grateful for things we already have, COVID has taught us some life lessons. A lot of times, we lose hope when a few things doesn’t work out for us but we should always be grateful for things that we have. Today, we have decided to compile a list of 13 little things that will remind you that all is well in your life.

Without any further delay, let us take a look:

13 Little Things
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1. If you are breathing

Life is now all about celebrating even the smallest things in life. Before this, how many of were actually grateful for our breath? COVID taught us that you should be thankful to almighty if you are breathing. COVID is almost over but we cannot forget horrors of COVID.

2. You and your loved ones are safe

It is one of the most important reminders that all is well in your life. If everyone is safe in your family, then it is a blessing indeed.

3. You are making money

The pandemic took away many jobs and many people all across the nation are facing the problem of unemployment. In that case, if you are making money and have work, then you should be thankful.

13 Little Things
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4. Good Food to enjoy

If you are at home and you are enjoying good food, then my friend all is well in your life. What else do you want? A lot of people aren’t even getting food. Make sure you don’t waste it.

5. You have a house to live in

Remember how migrant workers were forced to leave metro cities as they didn’t have work? They were sleeping on the roads with their family. If you have a roof on your head, you are indeed a blessed person.

6. If the pandemic is not tearing apart your mental health

A lot of people have reported about their deteriorating mental health. There is a lot of negativity all around and it is difficult to keep your mental health in check. If you are in a good mental state and able to cope with the situation, then you should be thankful.

13 Little Things

7. You have someone to share your vulnerable side

In a world full of judgments, it is hard to find someone who can listen to you and understand you without any judgment. If you have someone in your life to share your vulnerable side, then all is well in your life.

8. You are close to your parents

Many children and adults have lost their parents to COVID. A lot of them don’t even know what the future holds for them. In that case, if you are close to your parents and are taking care of them, trust us it is the best feeling ever.

13 Little things

9. Playing with pets

Pets burst your stress. Playing with them is pure bliss. Spending 30 minutes with them every day can leave you refreshed. If you have pets at your home, thank them for making your life easy.

10. Some Real Friends

We all know not every friend we make is a real one. But if you have some real friends or even one real friend, then you will know what a beautiful feeling it is.

13 little things

11. No pay cuts

A lot of people are getting their salaries after deduction. The budgets are tight and many organisations are either laying off their employees or opting for pay cuts. If you are getting your complete salary, then it is something to celebrate.

12. Someone is happy because of you

This is another gentle reminder that all is well in your life.  It is hard to make someone genuinely happy in today’s time and if someone is happy because of you, then it’s time to celebrate.

13. You are genuinely grateful

Only we are responsible for our happiness. If you are genuinely grateful for things and happy from within, then surely all is well in your life.

Do let us know in the comments section below if we missed out any point! Till then be safe and do not forget to take precautions.

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