1000 varieties of Bananas are available: How many you have tried?

1000  varieties of  Bananas  are available: Top 12 interesting facts about bananas that we bet you didn’t know

Banana is a type of fruit we enjoy on a daily basis. A whole banana or banana shake in breakfast can make your day perfect. However, it can be eaten in lunch, or just as a snack in the evening. Banana has great versatility and has such complementary flavour that it is used in many cuisines and dishes from curry to ice cream.  But did you know 1000 varieties of bananas available?  Check out how many you have tried?

But how much do we really know about this amazing fruit? Here are some interesting facts about bananas which will make you go bananas.   

1. Bananas are Berries

You might not know this, but bananas are berries, not a fruit. Scientifically, fruits are those which are formed by flowers having many seeds and multiple ovaries. Berries are those which are formed by flowers having one seed and one ovary.

2. They are radioactive

Bananas are rich in Potassium (Potassium-40). This is a radioactive isotope of Potassium. We don’t want to scare you, but we want to make you aware  There have been discussions over the radioactivity of bananas. These discussions have concluded positively by saying the radioactivity is negligible in bananas. It is so negligible that it can’t even compete with the radioactivity present in our body.  So, keep loving bananas without any fear.

3. The Banana Capital

Our own India is the largest producer of Banana in the whole world. China and Philippine are the other largest banana producers. Banana is considered one of the popular agricultural practices in our country. Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh are the top five banana producer states in India.

4. Varieties of Banana

Surprised! How can there be varieties in Banana? You must be wondering that there is only one type of Banana, but you are wrong. We too were surprised when we came to know that there are over 1000 types of Bananas. Bananas are subdivided into 50 groups. The most common Banana is the Cavendish variety. It is the most seen variety in supermarkets and small vendors on roads. Hajipur in Bihar is famous for producing various types of Bananas. ‘Malbhog’ is one of the varieties which is popular in Hajipur. It is also produced in Assam, which is then exported to Dubai.

5. Are they mood buster?

Damn Sure! They are. Banana is considered as the natural mood buster as it has serotonin. It is said that Depressed people are low on Serotonin. Bananas are a budget-friendly source of amino acid, Serotonin and Vitamin B6.

6. Banana Corresponds to Finger

The word Banana has been derived from the Arabic word “Banan”. This means finger in Arabic. People must have named the fruit as it resembles with a finger.      

7. Makes you look  young

Banana is used as a skin rejuvenator and helps your skin remain youthful for a longer time. It also helps in busting headache. The inner peel of banana works as a repellent for itching caused due to bug biting.     

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8. Boosts the Immunity

The richness of vitamins and nutrients in banana makes it a natural healer in various kinds of body ailments. Banana is a digestive fruit that boosts immunity during sickness. It is a good stabilizer of blood sugar and blood pressure. Banana also helps in morning sickness.

9. Banana gets sick too!

Bananas might be boosting your immunity, but they are prone to some sort of diseases. A deadly fungal disease known as “Panama Disease” threatens the cultivation all over the world. A banana gets infected when an infectious agent “Fusarium Soil Fungus” enters the banana root through a water stream that finally results in the wilting of the banana plant.

10. Helps in Weight Loss

There is a big contradiction. People who do muscle training are said to eat bananas which will increase muscles in the body. On the other hand, experts say that bananas aid in weight loss as they help curb craving for food. Bananas are also high in fibre and can provide nearly 10% of your daily fibre requirement. They have Vitamin B6 that assists in the protection against type 2 diabetes.

11. Banana is heart-friendly

Banana is heart-friendly as it reduces the chances of heart-stroke. Various researchers have said that risk of heart stroke is less for those people who have ideal potassium intake in their body. Banana is a rich source of Potassium, acts as a friend to our hearts.

12. Helps during Pregnancy

Bananas are rich in iron, Calcium, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, and antioxidants. At the initial stage of pregnancy, doctors prescribe various types of vitamin supplements including Calcium, Folic acid and Iron. If a pregnant lady munches on banana regularly, she can avert any kind of deficiency and effects of medicines.

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