10 Witty memes featuring Osita Iheme that will make you laugh hard

Memes of Osita Iheme are a rage and we can’t get over them!

We can say it over and over again that Meme business is one of the hottest businesses in town. A lot of people use their social media just to consume meme content. Kudos to the people who actually create them and keep us entertained even on a boring day. Any viral thing on the internet, and you will get a meme ready for it in seconds. When it comes to memes business – We Know it’s Serious Business and Osita Iheme is our all-time favourite. We all love him, right? Just in case if you don’t know, he is a 38- year- old popular Nigerian actor. Very Popular!!!

As 2020 ending soon, we decided to compile some of the best memes featuring Osita Iheme. Check them out and end your year on a good note. They will make you laugh hard, thank us later for putting humour ka tadka to your regular day.

1. Raise your hands, Kitno ke Saath hua yeh in 2020


2. Everyone wanted to know this from China. It was a million-dollar question this year. Why China? Why?


3. Oh yeah – Virus has travelled more than us!

4. Tell us in the comment section who all can relate to it? Do you remember playing FLAMES?


5. We all hate adulting, right? This is how it exactly feels when you are expected to act like an adult 


6. We all have done this at some point in our life, right? After all, you need money for the party and its business


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7. Hahaha, Because you need to save a lot of money, right?


8. This news was the highlight of the year –And it hurts


9. A day that makes very happy! Like we feel it- Salary Day


10. Oh! Why mommy why?


He enjoys a huge fandom and we are his die-hard fans. Khushi ho ya Gam, you will get his memes for all occasion. You will get some of the funniest and quirkiest memes made on him which make you laugh hard.

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