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10 Videos by Rowhi Rai that are ‘Pure Gold’ & women should watch it

Want some Real Life advice? Watch these 10 Videos by Rowhi Rai Behen

Social media is a powerful tool and it has made many people a star. There are a plethora of bloggers and content creators on Instagram and most of them are doing great work. At a time of distress, these people are making things bearable for us. And guess what? A lot of them also came forward to help. They are spreading awareness and sharing relevant leads for oxygen and COVID beds. Pandemic has taken a toll on our mental health. In that case, we need some lighter content to keep going. A lot of content creators are doing their bit by creating light and funny videos. Recently, we stumbled upon the Instagram page of  Rowhi Rai.  Her page is full of engaging content & she has some advice for every woman that is pure gold.

Social media is flooded with a lot of content. There are many who are a great job. In that case, standing out becomes difficult. Rowhi Rai is creating content which is simple yet engaging. The way she delivers the message is relatable AF! Check out her videos and you will be thankful to us.

Without any further delay, let us take a look:

1. Sometimes the person you love doesn’t deserve you! She shared a great piece of advice.  It happens to all of us, right? Sometimes “ Jisey Tum chahte ho woh tumhe deserve nhi karta” and that’s it.

2.When someone tries to pull you down or just judge you for random things, give it back like Rowhi Rai. Well, this one was hilarious.

3. It is simple yaar! All you need to do is just accept your skin. Self- love is important. As she said- “ Boys are Whatever but your skin is forever”.

4.Behen! Don’t cry on things thing that hardly matters to you. So just stop crying and drink some water. Don’t forget hydration is the key to healthy and beautiful skin.

5. Just chill! There is nothing to worry about. Because darling you not alone in this.

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6. It is simple. If he loves you, he will show it to you with his words, actions, and commitment level. So my dear friend, do not fall just for words.

7. You better know how to treat your EX. If you are still figuring out what to do, then this video is for you. Let them be in your past.

8.When someone body shames you! Give them back and remind them Ki Woh Kya hai. Don’t let anyone dull your shine!

9.Be honest to yourself. So if you find him cute –‘Tumhari Marzi’. It has nothing to do with your friends or anyone else.

10.Last but not least, your Boyfriend can’t decide what you will do with your life.  You should never give control of your life to anyone else. It is your life and you better decide what you have to do with it behen!

Rowhi Rai is a 20 –year –old artist who is a popular figure on social media. She hails from Darjeeling, West Bengal and was born on December 29, 2000. She has a keen interest in acting and dancing. With more than 432k followers on Instagram, she continues to create content that is engaging and relatable AF!  She also runs a youtube channel. We completely loved her content and if you haven’t checked her page, do it right away.

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