10 useful Blogging tools to make a user-friendly blog

Top 10 useful Blogging tools for an attractive blog

A blog is a creative display of any kind of information. Blogging is more of an effort to attach with your reader/viewer with emotion and information. It is attractive and infotainment

content that doesn’t really take a lot of efforts of a reader or viewer while viewing. Where a blog is about static content, a vlog is the video content. But the ultimate USP of both formats is to connect with the audience through a personal tone. Blogging/Vlogging is a personalized approach to the audience. Well, if you have just started blogging/vlogging, you will face a little difficulty in making your blog

as attractive as any other blog. There can be many reasons for the same.

10 useful Blogging tools to make a user-friendly blog that every beginner should use.

The Content Quality

Yes, of course, we are about to talk about how to make the blog look attractive and the first and foremost attraction of your blog is its content. So, the first thing of which you should be sure of is the content. So, here are the tools that can help you in improving your content.

1. Grammarly – As the name suggests, this particular tool will help you in making grammatical-error-free content. This tool will even remove spelling errors. One caution can be the difference in spellings in UK and US English. Else, this is a great tool

2. Hemingway editor – This is one of the mind-blowing applications that will help you in improving the readability of  content. A copy score of 7-8 means that your copy is a good copy.

The Image

Now, here is the creative part. You should always attach an image or at least an infographic to your blog post. Tools that can help you for the same are –

3. Canva – Canva is certainly the best and the easiest way to create amazing graphics in minutes. It has one of the finest templates with options of size customization and creation as well.

4. PosterMyWall – This tool is not the best but a great tool for creating graphics that are a little off – pastel. Early users will struggle a little with the interface but sometimes, this tool can amaze you with some superb graphics.

5. Snapseed – If you have clicked the image and want to do some basic editing, then there is nothing better than snapseed.

The Video Content

Video content is always amazing and more connecting then the static ones. So, if you are making some videos, then you need the following tools. You can create something like an audiovisual or narration

6. Alive – Alive is the perfect app to create audiovisuals. It is the simplest way in fact. The only issue you may face will be with the watermark. For that, you will have to upgrade to the premium version

7. Viva Video – If you want to give some basic edits to the video you have shot, then, for that, you can use the Viva Video. The watermark issue will be there in this app too.

The Audio

If you are making the video content, especially the AV format, you need to look after the audio very finely. Good audio can make the most of your work, easy.

8. MP 3 Cutter and Mixer – This tool is the most simple and efficient mixing tool we have ever seen. You can record, cut, create, mix any kind of audio here.

The SEO and Plagiarism 

Perhaps the most important section of the whole blogging/vlogging section is the SEO and plagiarism free content. You have to make your content in such a way that it seems optimized by the search engine.

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9. DupliChecker – This is the best plagiarism checker we can find. It tells you the area plagiarised, and allow you to modify it there and then.

10. Yoast SEO – SEO is the boss of everything. Yoast SEO tells every SEO related errors in the content and suggests relevant changes too.

These are some of the basic tools you can use to make an attractive, yet informative blog. We wish you good luck with your blogging/ vlogging career. Happy Blogging!

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