10 Tips to prepare CBSE Class 12 Psychology

How to prepare for CBSE Class 12 Psychology?

Preparing for CBSE Class 12 Psychology is not an easy task. As board exams are just around the corner, it is important to do effective studies. When preparing for psychology, it is important to focus on smart work. Here are 10 tips that will come in handy in psychology exam. There are 9 units in the subject, let’s take a look.

Important Units of the subject

1. Intelligence and Aptitude: 9 marks
2. Self and personality: 10 marks
3. Human strengths and meeting the life challenges : 7 marks
4. Psychological disorders: 10 marks
5. Attitude and social cognition
6. Therapeutic approaches and counselling : 7 marks
7. Applied Psychology : 6 marks

8. Environmental and social concerns : 6 marks
9. Applied Psychology

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Here are 10 tips smartly prepare the subject

1. Plan sufficient amount to study and stick to your time schedule
2. Don’t leave things for last moment. Trust me, you won’t be able to cover the entire syllabus
3. Create flowcharts to help you understand how the topics interconnect
4. You need know this subject thoroughly to attain good marks in the exam. Another point which is very important is listen attentively during classes and note down all the points which you feel are important.
5. Memorizing will not work in psychology, you should be able to understand the concepts. Psychology is not at all a cramming subject. Its all about understanding
6. Attempt a lot of sample papers and test papers to get your concepts clear
7. If you any doubt, go for extra classes. It is important to attend extra classes to get your doubts clear
8. Once in while go for group studies. Note down the topics in advance that you want to discuss. This will  save your time.
9. During exam highlight all the important terms  and headings to score good marks
10. You can take real-life examples to get a better understanding. It would become a lot more easy to grasp the subject.


Psychology is a scoring subject. All you need to do is get your concepts cleared. Cramming is not an option. Make your own notes, use flash cards and flow charts for a better understanding of the subject. Make your answers easy to read and highlight all the important keywords in the answer sheet.

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