10 Tips to ace News Anchoring Game

How to become a confident News anchor? Here 10 tips to nail the News anchoring game

A lot of students take up Mass Communication as a course to become a News Anchor. But is that easy to become an anchor?  Well, you need to put a lot of hard work to become a successful anchor. Be it a show anchoring or a News anchoring, you need to keep working on your skills. Here are 10 tips to ace the News anchoring game. Also, mass communication is not just about becoming an anchor. There are so many other fields in mass communication where you can try your hands according to your interest. Such as Public Relations, Video editing, Proof Reading, Scripting, Social Media Management, and many more.

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Here are 10 tips to nail the News Anchoring Game:

1. Language is important

It could be Hindi or English. There are no language barriers.  You can choose English or Hindi but you should always keep working on your diction, pronunciation, and grammar. This will really home in handy when you will anchor any news show.  If you aspire to become an anchor right from the beginning make a habit of reading books and newspapers.

2. General Knowledge should not be ignored

There is a myth that good looks matter when it comes to becoming an anchor. Let me burst this myth today. Looks hardly matters. How well you know your work is the only thing that is taken under the consideration. You can replace good looks with presentation. Yes, the presentation is important. Apart from it, you should be aware of events that are happening around you. So, you cannot miss the GK part.

3. Confidence is the key

It is the best accessory that an anchor can wear. You should be confident about your presentation. Do not get scared while facing the camera. Just remember the camera is your best friend in the studio.

4. Work on your voice modulation

Be an anchor a lot of times you will be expected to hold panel discussions. In that case, it is important to keep a check on your voice tone. Do not let the guests take over the show without shouting on them. Your work is to deliver something productive to your viewers.

5. Be prepared for unwanted questions

Do your own research and do not rely on your team members. There would times when you will come across unwanted questions. At that time, it would be your responsibility to handle it with maturity without losing your calm.

6. Homework cannot be missed

If you are hosting a prime time show or even if you are going to interview any prominent personality. It is important to do your homework in advance. For example, If you are going to interview Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is important to do all research work in advance. You would not be able to do it in the last 30 minutes. Everything comes with experience. Initially, you should not leave everything for the last moment.

7. Stick to topic

If you are interviewing a prominent personality, then do not get carried away in their influence. Stick to your topic and try to serve the best to your viewers.  In the end, the channel’s viewership matters.

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8. Learn the script

In today ’s era, every organization uses Teleprompter. But it is important to learn the script. This way you will be able to mold the script according to your ease. There would be very fewer chances of forgetting the script.

9. Keep your facts clear

Do not rely on unauthentic sources. During your research make sure that you don’t miss any important fact.

10. Keep yourself opening to learning

You can learn a lot of things from your colleagues so keep yourself opening to learning. Be it about communication skills or presentation. If you will keep learning new things, you will become a good anchor.

Here is the list of  top anchors of India, take a look:

1.Ravish Kumar

2. Barkha Dutt

3. Arnab Goswami

4. Sudhir Chaudhary

5. Rajat Sharma

6. Rajdeep Sardesai

7. Rich Anirudh

8. Ajana Om Kashyap

9. Late Gauri Lankesh

10. Sweta Singh


Being an anchor is not a child’splay. You need to make efforts to make it happen. Initially, your career will start off as a Reporter. Keep working on your skills and knowledge, then only you will be able to ace the game of anchoring.

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