10 things you’ll relate to if you a regular traveler of Delhi Metro!

Few things only a regular traveler of Delhi Metro can relate to

Undoubtedly, Delhi metro has made our travelling easy but not hassle free. School to office goers travel from metros as it offer it services at affordable prices. People use metro to travel from one corner of the city to the other. But sometimes irritating people make our journey unbearable. So, if you are a regular traveler of Delhi metro, then you will definitely relate to this article.

Crowded Metro
Crowded Metro

1. Seducing pole

Taking support of pole to stand is one thing but seducing it another thing. Some people cannot resist themselves from showing their stripper personality when they spot pole. They will wrap their bodies around the pole and will not leave space for others to hold it.

2. Door blockers

You will definitely find door blockers in metro. At the time of deboarding at Rajiv Chowk or any other station there will be at least two or three people standing in front of the door with no intention of deboarding the metro.

3. Picking fights

We cannot imagine metro journey without some cat fights. People engage in some stupid fights and create a lot of drama inside the metro.

4. Stepping on shoes

This is the most irritating thing you will definitely encounter in metro. It is understandable if someone step on your feet when metro is little crowded but sometimes people intentionally do it. Even after doing this they will not even bother to say sorry. Such an irritating thing it is.
5. Falling asleep

Some people feel so sleepy that they fall asleep on someone else without bordering anything. If one finds seat to sit they will act like a sleepy person, as it is the perfect to not offer a seat to someone who needs it. It is better to take a full eight hour sleep at your own place.

Things you will relate if you regularly travel in Delhi metro
Things you will relate if you regularly travel in Delhi metro

6. ‘Please shift’ people will often say this to you

Whether there is space or not there are some people who will always ask you to shift a bit so that they can sit. You not need to worry for the space they will make their space themselves and will make you uncomfortable.

7. Bringing in luggage

If the lack of space and crowded metro isn’t frustrating enough, you will encounter those travelers who voluntarily keep their heavy bags and suitcase right in the centre of the coach. If you will request them to push it under the seat, they will give you killing expressions.

8. Some people stinks really bad

Sometimes especially in summer, it becomes difficult or say almost impossible because some people smells so bad. Guys don’t forget to use deodorants to smell good not for others but for yourself too.

Don’t sit on floors)
Don’t sit on floors)

9. Sleeping on floors

Crossing the India-Pakistan border is easier than going from one coach to thanks to the men who love sleeping on the floor.

10. Stop peeping into someone else phone

It’s not cool! Some people will always peep into others phones. Whether you are playing Subway or using whatsapp there are group of people who will continue to stare what you are doing.

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