10 things you will relate to if you have ever experienced one -sided love

We should promoting one sided love, but sometimes it can become life’s biggest blessing

It is hard to love someone who doesn’t reciprocrate your feelings. One -sided love is hard, but it is life’s biggest blessing too. It can make you a strong person altogether. Here’s how.

1. Firstly, you have to accept the fact that your feelings cannot make other person differently and you have to be okay with it.

2. You learn that every person in this world doesn’t get happy ending. But that doesn’t mean that love is not pure

It empowers you

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3. You also learn to see the completeness in your own love. How love doesn’t need the other person to complete it.

4. It makes you genuinely happy. Whe you see them happy, you automatically feel happy.

5. Perhaps the biggest lesson, you learn is the art of forgivness. You teach yourself to forgive those who intentionally/ unintentionally hurt you, and move on.

6. You become strong enough to handle rejections. It’s okay when someone rejects you.

7. Next, it teaches you to value your relationships. To see all those who are emotionally available to you when you were in need.

8. You learn the power of giving. Seeing them grow outside of you will hurt you, but it will also show you your own strength, and it is truly empowering.

9. It will teach you to be okay with yourself. It also opens the path of self love because its very important to feel content

10. Lastly, it teaches you to hold on. That it isn’t the end of the world, and you will surely find someone who will reciprocrate your feelings.

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