10 Things You Relate To If You Ride A Bullet

Things you will relate to if you ride a Bullet

Riding on Bullet is the most thrilling experience of life. We boys love bikes and Bullet is indeed our first love. Riding Bullet means class, Pride and Royalty. Boys love to ride bullet but we are not generalizing. It’s a matter of choice. The person who rides bullet feels like a bullet raja. It is an addiction and passion for Indian riders. It has been in our country for many years. We have listed out 10 things you relate to if you ride a Bullet.

Royal Enfield
Royal Enfield
  1. Bullet is a symbol of pride: Many boys have a dream to have a bullet. We proudly say in front of all that we own a bullet. It’s like feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that we have Royal Enfield with us.
  2. Bullet means attention, I mean a lot of attention: People turn towards you when you are riding a bullet. It seeks everybody’s attention.
  3. The thundering sound of bullet let people to look at you. When we ride this bike, everybody looks at us curiously that who is riding. Damm! It’s really gives us the royal feeling.
  4. It’s our first girlfriend: You have to admit it that Bullet is indeed our first girlfriend. It’s like our family member. We want that our bullet should look unique and eye catchy. Boys are crazy about bullet.
  5. When we accelerate the bike, we feel the thrill and excitement.
  6. When we own a bullet, we want to ride it to Ladakh. Ladakh will feature in the bucket list of every biking enthusiast in India. It is one of the finest locations in India. We all have a dream to go Ladakh on a bullet for a bike trip.
  7. Girls love boys particularly the one who are riding Royal Enfield. Most of the girls love to ride on a bullet as mentioned above it’s a symbol of pride.
  8. Riding a bullet means you are a ‘MACHOMAN’ (Sarcastic). It represents masculinity, stability and strength.
  9. You become a part of RE group and travel places around the country.
  10. It is very easy to customize your bullet the way you want it. Last but not the least, when we ride a bullet everyone makes the way for it, you don’t even need to honk. Damm! It is really classy.

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