10 interesting facts about Odisha that you probably didn’t know

Here is why you should stop stereotyping people of Odisha?

India has different flavors of culture and tradition. One can enjoy different rituals of different cultures and you will surely enjoy it. There are so many states here and due to this, some go unnoticed. So, today we have come with the facts that you should bother about the less known state Odisha. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Odisha

Here we go, take a look!

1. People in Odisha are not Bengalis. Even not defectors.

2. Their identity includes more than just a petty Rasgulla war. They have other good stuff to offer like chhena poda, chhena jhili, and kheer sagar. So, it’s not about rasgulla all the time.

3. ” Rice fermented in buttermilk” is world’s tasty food you can have, it’s not disgusting guys!

4. Please clear this misconception no one speaks “Odissi” here. They speak Odia. Dance Odissi.

5. They are no more “malnourished” and “backward”. So please do not stereotype them.

6. They do not need to be notorious to make the news. When was the last time you heard of a major crime, political scandal, riot, communal issue coming out of Odisha? On the bright side, movies do not get banned here.

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7. Also, there is much more to explore than Puri temple and beaches.

8. The state teaches us that “big city vibes” is not everything you need to survive. You also need clean, unpolluted air, crime-free neighborhoods, no curfews, and no long-ass traffic jams. And lots and lots of trees. Small towns are free from daily chaos and you really need it guys.

9. Please note it guys “Rangabati” is not the only Odia song out there. There are a lot of others Odia songs that will give you internal peace for sure.

10. No, not every second person on our streets is not a KIIT University graduate. KIIT is very generous to take in 27,000 students from over 45 countries. But all the students are not from Odisha. Please clear your misconception.

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