10 Super Funny Things You Can Relate When Your Bestie Starts Dating!

Bestie Starts Dating? Here Are 10 Super Funny Things You Can Relate To!

Best friends are important part of our life and we know that we cannot live without them. Bestfriends are the permanent soul mates with no conditions. You can insult them, hug them, laugh on them everywhere without any shame and even they don’t feel any regret in having you, that’s why you are bestfriends with them. But what if they start sharing our love with their boyfriends and girlfriends?


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Here are10 super funny things you can relate when your bestie starts dating:

Excitement Phase: The moment you hear from your bestie that she/he is in love, you can’t control your excitement. You wanted them to find them a good human who will love him/her but now they already have them, so you can’t do anything but be happy and excited.

Stalking: You stalk your besties boyfriend/gf on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and everywhere possible.

Always On The Phone: When you and your bestie planned a night fun together but he/she cannot get their eyes off their phone and this irritates you so much that you bumped on them intentionally.

Official third Wheel: You worked as a savior, attacker and mediator with your besties family and boyfriend

Awkward Moments: Sometimes situations are out of control and you feel awkward third wheeling, so as your besties boyfriend/gf. So, you slightly push yourself to those three people dating idea and make horrible excuses.

Love Sick: Sometimes it is too handle for you to see them so close and especially when you are single. So, you just roll your eyes and probably singing Maroon’s payphone song “All these stupid love songs I will be sick.”

You Suddenly Stop Liking The Guy: You can sense the loyalty while your bestie is wearing those love glasses, but you can’t do anything because LOVE!

Sometimes You Feel Lonely: Sometimes you don’t consider them your bestie because those love birds don’t give their time to your friendship.

You Start Giving Your Besties Girlfriend/Boyfriend Those Silent Threats: Silent threats of too much closeness and your “Don’t make her sad face .”

Realization Of Being Overdramatic: You end being exhausted and realize that you have a special place in your besties heart which no one will ever be going to take. And it makes you happy.

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