10 Soulful Urdu Words that you need to add in your dictionary

10 Soulful Urdu Words that will make you fall in love with them

Today, English is the widely spoken Language. A lot of people prefer talking in English. Apart from it, the trend of Hinglish is also catching up in the urban areas of India. But there are so many other beautiful languages. One of them is- Urdu. The language has a magic. The beautiful Urdu words will make you fall in love with them. Here is a list of 10 Soulful Urdu words that you need to add in your dictionary.

1. Ruhaniyaat
What a beautiful word? Ruhaniyaat means soulfulness. When someone feels full of emotions it is known as Ruhaniyaat

2. Inayaat
Inayaat is an Urdu word which means Blessing. The word is full of positivity and using it on a regular basis can make your day blissful.

3. Sukoon
There are ample words that you can borrow from Urdu to pen down your heart. One of the most beautiful words is Sukoon – It means “Peace”

4. Noor
Noor is an Urdu word and it means Radiant.  Pure souls have a different type of Noor (radiant) on their face.

5. Seher
The meaning of Seher is Morning. With this word, our mornings can become magical

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6. Shiddat
Have you loved anyone with full Shiddat (intensity)? The word means- ‘Intensity’

7. Qurbat
People just keep noting these words. Next time when you will feel like writing something nice, these words come in handy. Qurbat means – Closeness, nearness

8. Justajoo
These all soulful compositions of B- town have some magical Urdu words. Have you heard Hai Mujhe teri Justajoo?  It means longing

9. Nawaazish
We want more people like this word – It means Generous

10. Raftaar
Kyunki Zindagi ki Raftaar nhi Rukti, the word means Pace or Speed.

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