10 Slangs and Acronyms You Must Know to nail it like a Pro!

10 Slangs And Acronyms You Must know

Words have the power to enroll us in any conversation. But what if the words are slang and you cannot understand them, isn’t it annoying you so much?

These days people are getting more tricky with word games and almost every other day, we hear new words, which we call slangs at present time.


Slang is a type of language which is informal and not with particular meaning. These slangs are very common in speech rather than writing and people are using and making these slangs because no matter what, these slangs are cool to listen.

Here are few slangs and Acronyms you must know about:

  • Swerve: Swerve is a slang we use in replace of the word dismiss. Its actual meaning is to dismiss or to say no to a request.
  • Bae: Bae is used for baby/babe. Unfortunately, the internet thinks its arm for endearment but it’s not. Bae in urban dictionary says is an acronym of “Before anyone else.”
  • ELI5: This slang is use to describe the meaning, “Explain like I am 5”, we are wondering now, who is the person behind in forming this slang. Seriously?
  • FTFY: This particular phrase is used in two ways. One is what the full form says “Fixed That for You” and in other ways it is used in a sarcastic way.
  • Facepalm: This word is used to show disappointment. Like when someone is reacting so stupid, and we can’t do anything but our palm hits our face or forehead, so this this word we use now to explain this entire scenario.
  • Headdesk: Headdesk is the word when we want to describe the extreme frustration and our head hits the desk.
  • YOLO : ‘You Only Live Once’ is an acronym of YOLO and it’s literal meaning is relate to the life, which is only one and so do whatever you want to do.
  • YMMV: When your experience might not be the same as someone else’s experience and it goes same with any product or thing so, Internet introduced this word to say in short.
  • Cray: It’s another word for crazy.
  • Shemurr: Shemurr is a slang word popularized by the Youtube celebrity iisuperwomanii , which is used to describe the state of confusion, surprise or disbelief.

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