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10 Simple Steps to practice Grace in Life

How to practice grace in life? Here are 10 simple steps that you can follow

The ability to move in a smooth and controlled way is called ‘Grace’. Handling difficult situations in life with grace isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Have you ever noticed some people seemed to be comfortable in all situations? Well, these people are attractive as well as fun to be around. A lot of us think grace in life comes naturally to few people who always seemed poised, but it is actually a developed trait that takes time. Here are 10 simple steps to practice in life and become a gracious person.

grace In life

The most gracious people engage with other people by initiating conversations and truly being interested in knowing them. According to experts, these people are often confident, which leads to natural grace and poise.

What is the meaning of Grace & Poise?

Merriam Webmaster describes poised means being comfortable in your own skin. This is not always easy because you will always come across people who will try to provoke your reaction. But poised people are always prepared for whatever comes their way. On the other hand, graceful means being polite in a way that shows respect.  Graceful people are always courteous and humble. They are a more pleasant person to be around.

Anyone can learn the art of being graceful and poised. But it requires continuous work and patience. From dropping bad habits to practising proper etiquette that involves showing respect, can make you a graceful person. Being poised and graceful has nothing to do with wealth. It is more about showing your true self through actions.

You cannot become a graceful person overnight. It is a continuous process. Here 10 simple steps to practice Grace in life. Let us take a look:

grace in life

  1. Be Kind to yourself: Everything starts with you. Start treating yourself with kindness and compassion.  It is the greatest gift that you can ever give to yourself. And if you can practice grace in life with yourself, you can probably easily extend it to others.

2. Learn to let go: There are a few things that you can’t control in life. Holding on to negative emotions will attract more negative emotions.  If you will hold on to things tightly, you will be stuck in a negative space. It is important to learn the art of letting go.

3. Forgive People: Events will not always happen the way you wanted them to. Holding on to bitterness and anger will not serve anyone’s purpose. Being able to forgive allows you to move on in life. When you forgive people it takes away the burden of anger or wastes your energy acting out of malice against anyone.

4. Lend your ears and carefully listen to others:  To practice grace in life you should start listening carefully to others.  Pay attention to what the other person is saying and show that they are completely engaged in the conversation.  Nod, smile, and laugh at appropriate times. Try asking questions to keep the conversation going.

grace in life

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5. Say No Arrogance: Becoming a poised person is indeed a time taking process.  A poised rarely lose their cool. If something happens to them, they handle the situation with grace. There are times when their patience is tested but they try to find better options to deal with the situation.

6. Practice gratitude:  It is important to appreciate things that you have in life. It is the most basic step to become a graceful person. Start being thankful for things that you have in life.

 7. Be Open to New Learnings: Always keep learning. Be a lifelong student. When we acquire new skills it boosts our confidence.  Read books and be aware of things that are happening around you.

 8. Do not chase perfection: Nobody is perfect and chasing perfection will give you anxiety. Try competing with yourself instead of others. Work on building good habits!

9. Accept your mistakes: Graceful people always accept their mistakes and work on them. They learn from their mistakes and work on their betterment.

10. Speak Kindly: You catch more bees with honey than Vinegar. Be Polite while talking to others. Kind words can go a long way.

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