10 signs you are hooked to an intelligent man ( Sapiosexual)

Does intelligence turn you on? Here are few things you need to know!

Dating a smart guy is the hottest thing ever. There is nothing sexier than a man who can make his any work done just by striking a conversation. If intelligence turns you on, then you are a sapiosexual. Here are 10 things you will relate to if you are a Sapiosexual.

Well, Sapiosexual is someone who gets attracted to the intelligence of a person. These people will value your intelligence way more than your body.

· His Witty banters set your soul on fire: Nothing can be sexier than his witty jokes and whenever he cracks it, he sets your soul on fire.

Perks of dating a Sapiosexual

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· You have full confidence in his ability to strike an engaging conversation with your 60- yr –old father and your 20-year-old brother: Yes, he can do it. He can easily switch from high- brow to low –brow, which equals well –rounded intelligence

· You send him a text and receive full grammatically correct sentences: Because he is a pro at correcting spellings and punctuations. This is a brownie point. His use of perfectly- timed, clever emoji.

· You can read as many books as you can and he is always there to suggest you some nice books: He keeps reading, and you know he is a bookworm. When you both are together, you can read as many books as you want.

· If you come across something that he doesn’t know, it becomes a big deal for you: He has an answer for almost everything, but if once in a blue moon you come across something that he doesn’t know it becomes a big deal for you, isn’t?

He can turn you on by his witty jokes

· 10 minutes chat with him over any important topic makes you feel loaded with a lot of information: Be it politics, social issue or even a family matter talking to him makes you feel loaded with a lot of information.

· You always get unexpected gifts: He can gift you different things. You might expect earrings or ring from him, but he might land up on books.

· Steamy debates are more erotic than romantic rhymes: Because it turns you on immediately and can lead to a make-out session

· Whenever he surpasses your IQ level, you just love it: Whenever he wins an argument, you just love it. After all, he is your man, isn’t?

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